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Hackney Street Markets

Street Markets in Hackney. Created over OS MasterMap data. Boundaries have been created in accordance with planning policies which we will use, together with the London plan, the core strategy and...

Brixton Indoor Market

showing boundary of brixton indoor market in lambeth, as defined by the 2015 proposals map

Labour Market Profiles

A Labour Market profile of an area.

Labour Market Profiles

Labour Market Profiles for Regions, Local Authorities, Local enterprsie Partnerships, Wards and Parliamentary Constituencies.

Maldon Market Place

This is a polygon dataset used to identify Maldon Market (1996-2005 Adopted Local Plan)

Register of information sharing agreements under chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4 of part 5 of the Digital Economy Act 2017

Register of information sharing agreements that have been made under the public service delivery, debt, fraud and civil registration provisions within the Digital Economy Act 2017.

Exceptions to Cross-Government moratoria on spend in HMRC

This dataset is a list of those items of spend that have been allowed in HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) since the announcement (24 May 2010) of five cross-government moratoria: ICT spend above...

SurfZone Digital Elevation Model (DEM) - 2m

The SurfZone Digital Elevation Model (DEM) was produced in 2019. Combining LIDAR and near-shore multibeam SONAR Bathymetry elevation data, it is the best currently available Digital Elevation Model...

Basic Digital Service Key Performance Stats

A dataset containing the key performance indicators of the Basic Digital Service which provides basic DBS checks.

Market Research

FCO(S) - Customer & Competitor information

Analysis of non-tariff measures in the UK internal market

Research report and accompanying regulatory database identifying and analysing existing non-tariff measures (NTMs) in the UK internal market. The report collects data on regulatory measures...

Check for Flooding User Satisfaction and Digital Take Up Scores

User Satisfaction and Digital Take Up scores for the Check for Flooding service.

Digital geochronological index

A digital geochronological index to act as a domain constraint for geochronology columns in corporate data tables. It decodes geochronology codes, models pseudo parent-child relationships between...

Digital seismic sections

This digital data set contains original files of seismic reflection survey sections. Most data are within the UK Onshore area; although there are some UK near-shore and offshore (North Sea, Irish...

Digital radio report

This report includes data on digital radio devices' share of radio listening and information on the digital radio coverage project. It is designed to measure current levels of FM and DAB radio...

Focus On The Digital Age

This report gives an overview of the digital age across society and economy in the UK. It shows the extent to which people, education, business and government have taken up information and...

Digital television update

The survey provides data on ownership and acquisition of television sets and other receiving equipment such as set-top boxes.

HCA land assets which is being marketed

Details of all land owned by HCA, including those currently being marketed

LIDAR Composite Digital Terrain Model (DTM) - 1m

The LIDAR Composite DTM (Digital Terrain Model) is a raster elevation model covering ~99% of England at 1m spatial resolution. The DTM (Digital Terrain Model) is produced from the last or only...

LIDAR Composite Digital Surface Model (DSM) - 2m

The LIDAR Composite DSM (Digital Surface Model) is a raster elevation model covering ~99% of England at 2m spatial resolution. The DSM (Digital Surface Model) is produced from the last or only...