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Various water quality parameters covering a pre and post-planting regime (Halladale study 1995-2010)

Our study was driven by concerns that afforesting the headwaters of the Upper Halladale River in North Scotland would affect water quality and the local salmon fishery. The main issue was the...

River water quality: Annual average concentrations of selected determinands

This series is an amalgamation of all the river water quality data sets previously held on Data.Gov.UK (DGUK), thus consolidating all information about selected nutrients, heavy metals and other...

Northern Ireland GMS Quality and Outcomes Framework Prevalence Bulletin

The prevalence bulletin contains bar charts of overall prevalence in Northern Ireland for the 20 Quality & Outcomes Framework registers which count patients with specific conditions or...

Affordable Housing Survey: A review of the quality of affordable housing in England

A survey of the design quality, as measured by CABE Building For Life criteria, of affordable housing in England, commissioned by the Homes and Communities Agency. Source agency: Communities and...

Rankings of trading estates as to water quality risks from runoff

Large catalog/data-sets of trading estate runoff giving a general picture of trading estate runoff and additional insight into the risk it poses. Summary statistics were calculated for the runoff...

Air Quality Monitoring

Dataset shows Air Quality Monitoring points within the London Borough of Lewisham

Liverpool Air Quality

Yearly average air quality from various Liverpool monitoring locations.

Air Quality Points

Point data showing general locations of Air Quality Nitrogen Dioxide monitoring tubes and average monthly totals

Air Quality Monitoring

Most recent Monitoring points for Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels in Cheltenham Town centre AQMA (Air Quality Management Area). An air quality management area (AQMA) is effectively an air quality...

Air Quality Monitors

Air Quality Monitor Locations

Air Quality Zones

Boundary for Air Quality Management Area for Nitrogen Dioxide in Chideock and Dorchester

Air Quality Zones

Boundary for Air Quality Management Area for Nitrogen Dioxide in Chideock and Dorchester

Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality monitoring sites.

Air quality monitoring

Location of quality monitoring stations

Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality monitoring point data for LAQM reporting

Air Quality Units

Identified areas where air quality objectives for a particular pollutant are unlikely to be met. Upon accessing this Licensed Data you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the Public Sector...

Air Quality Monitors

Provides information in respect of location of monitoring stations by means of passive devices (diffusion tubes).

Air Quality Zone

showing boundary of air quality zone

Air Quality Monitors

Locations of Bristol City Council operated air quality monitoring sites, which defines the areas of poor air quality in Bristol. Data displayed is annual nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentrations...

Bristol Air quality

Air quality is monitored continuously at several sites in and around the city with continuous analysers. Real time data from our air quality monitoring network, and from sites in Bristol that are...