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Learning Disability Service Users

Data showing where Cambridgeshire County Council funds services for adults with a learning disability by ward

Camden Learning Disabilities Profile

This public health intelligence profile provides an overview of the Camden population with learning disability. It summarises the frequency of learning disability and compares health indicators...

Economic and social benefits of further education and skills: learning for those not in employment

Further eduction learners not in employment, their reasons for doing the course, their satisfaction with the course and what impact it had on economic and social outcomes.

Third sector engagement and participation in the learning and skills sector: quantative research

Data gathered from an online self-completion survey of Third Sector providers. The survey looked at the nature and extent of Third Sector involvement and participation in the learning and skills...

Early Learning Project (ELP); meter read data - 8 datasets

One-off download of meter read data for ELP consumption analysis research project

Applications for Advanced Learning Loans in Further Education (FE)

Advanced Learning Loans applications operational data. Contains data supplied by applicant in support of the application; and the assessment outcome.

Workplace Learning in England

Annually updated data for Workplace Learning in England. The data shows participation and achievements figures broken down by Level, Provider Type, Geography, Sector Subject Area and Learner...

Community Learning in England

Community Learning includes a range of community based and outreach learning opportunities, primarily managed and delivered by local authorities and General Further Education Colleges designed to...

Lifelong Learning Accounts

Lifelong Learning Accounts, will contain personal staff information.

Civil Service Learning

Learning records for all staff who undertaken eLearning or attend class room courses on CSL

Learning Records Service

Data system supporting the issuing of an Unique Learner Number and enabling the learner's access to their Personal Learner Record

Informing choice in post-16 education and learning: parent and learner survey data

Learner survey and parental survey undertaken as part of the Informing Choice in post-16 education and learning research carried out for BIS by York Consulting. Relates to BIS research paper no....

Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Statistics; Currency and Payment Data

The Mental Health Minimum Data Set (MHMDS) was renamed Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Data Set (MHLDDS) following an expansion in scope (from September 2014) to include people in contact...

Learning Aim Reference Application

Learning Aim Reference Application (LARA) was the learning aims search for 2011 to 2014 for learning aims recognised by the Education Funding Agency and the Skills Funding Agency, both funded and...

Adults with Learning Disabilities, Scotland

Covers the range of services provided to adults with learning disabilities by local authorities in Scotland. Source agency: Scottish Government Designation: National Statistics Language:...

Funding Policy - Community Learning

Funding Policy - Community Learning, annual budget to support the local community.

Human Relations - Learning & Development

Health and Safety Training Records; SDE; Learner Records; Driving Assessment;

Learning & Development Shared Area

To hold L&D management information

Earning, learning and business churning

A collection of articles investigating the workforce and businesses in selected industrial sectors within London’s economy. Each article focuses on an individual industrial section or division,...

Learning Aim Reference Service

Learning Aim Reference Service (LARS) offers a web based search facility. It allows users to search by most commonly used fields for Qualifications, Units, Apprenticeship Frameworks and...