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List of representors on TWA Order applications

List of names and addresses of each person who has made representations on an application for an Order under the Transport Works Act (TWA), together with a reference number. Each application has...

European funding and SIBs mailing list

List of contact details of Local Authority and Local Enterprise Partnerships selected to receive a targeted letter from Cabinet Office and DWP relating to European funding and social impact bonds.

Contact list of government non-executives

A contact list of all government non-executives and their PA's

The London Diplomatic List (Blue Book)

The London Diplomatic List (Blue Book), lists all diplomatic missions in the UK and their staff, Heads of Mission Order of Precedence, Consular Offices Outside London, Honorary Consulates within...

Consolidated List of Financial Sanctions Targets

These are a consolidated list of asset freeze targets (both individuals and companies) designated by the United Nations, European Union and United Kingdom under legislation relating to current...

Index To The BGS Collections Of Aerial Photographs

Index to various collections of Aerial Photographs purchased or obtained by BGS and its precursors as part of its surveying activities. The index was set up in 2000 and mainly covers Great Britain....

Marine Photographs Archive (1970 onwards)

The Marine Photographs Archive held by BGS includes photographs of hydrocarbon well and (non-hydrocarbon) marine boreholes, cores and other samples. There are also photographs of the seabed and...

List of UK black poplar clones and their DNA fingerprint (2007-2015)

Native black poplar in the UK is a rare and endangered tree species that has been heavily reproduced vegetatively, leading to issues of widespread clonal replication. This data presents the DNA...

The single data list for central government departments

The Single Data List catalogues all the data that local authorities are required to submit to central government departments in a given year.

Numbers of households on local authorities' waiting lists

Rents, lettings and tenancies: numbers of households on local authorities' housing waiting lists1, by district: England 1997-2012

Cabinet Committee membership lists November 2012

Membership of Cabinet Committees and sub-Committees as of November 2012. Includes terms of reference of Committees and is available in Word format on the Cabinet Office website.

Consultation list for Pig National Control Programme

Consultation list for Pig National Control Programme

DTrgA Business Continuity Call Out List

Business Continuity Call Out List

Consultation list for Turkey National Control Programme

Consultation list for Turkey National Control Programme

CIO-DSAS Accreditation Certificates Issued List

List of accreditation certificates issued with details and date issued. Used to produce certificate number which is based on running number (Acc Team 7, serial , of CIO-DSAS Information Asset...

Democratic Engagement Programme Stakeholder Contact list

Stakeholder contact list of third sector, private sector and local authority contacts interested in the Democratic Engagement programme

List of meetings with Trade Unions on pensions reform

A list is held of dates of meetings with Trade Unions on pensions reform since September 2011

Social Impact Investment Taskforce mailing list

List and contact details of people on the Social Impact Investment Taskforce.

Navy News DPRN/FLEET distribution list

Distribution list for copies of Navy News to people and units nominated by Fleet media.

Master list for Cadet Force Adult Volunt

Personal Files, A list of personal contact information for all the Adults (schools and other) that volunteer to be officers and help out with CCF/SCC/Sea Scouts.