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Formulations Research and Development

Development & validation of methods of analysis for pesticide formulations

Chemicals Regulation Directorate Memorandum of Understanding (CRD MOU) 5 Formulation

Monitoring of formulated pesticides products for compliance with specifications.

Orchard and Arable Data

Data for use in estimating exposure of wildlife to agricultural pesticides

Bystander Volatile Method Development

Development of air sampling methodology in support of determining risk of bystander and resident exposure to pesticides

Sola Programme

Analytical Phase of a range of studies to support Specific Off-Label Approval (SOLA) for a range of plant protection chemicals (pesticides).

Mapunit runoff

Dominant pesticide runoff class associated with each soil association in the national map plus a break down of the proportion of the soil association within each of the classes

Alternative Plant Protection Methods

Evaluation of the potential of bio-active factors from a wasp venom (a phenoloxidase and rVPr3 (insect immunosuppressive protein)) to reduce pesticide usage by improving biological control strategies.

UK Biodiversity Indicator B5b, Marine pollution

This spreadsheet is the underlying data for the biodiversity indicator B5b, Marine pollution. Pollution by hazardous heavy metals and pesticides can have adverse effects on the marine environment...

Historic UK Water Quality Sampling Harmonised Monitoring Scheme Detailed Data

PLEASE NOTE: This dataset has now been retired. The Harmonised Monitoring Scheme (HMS) was decommissioned in 2013, this is the final year that the dataset was produced. Water quality measurements...

Input to Yield Ratio (IYR) maps for wheat farming in England, 2010-2017

These maps show the Input to Yield Ratio (IYR) of wheat farming in England, calculated as the ratio of agrochemical inputs to agricultural reward as yield. We assess the IYR at a 1km resolution for...

Historic UK Water Quality Sampling Harmonised Monitoring Scheme Summary Data

This record is for Approval for Access product AfA178.The Historic UK Water Quality Sampling Harmonised Monitoring Scheme (HMS) data contains statistics for a series of water quality sampling sites...

Chemical contaminants in White-tailed sea eagle eggs - Predatory Bird Monitoring Scheme (PBMS)

Data from analyses of addled and deserted sea eagle eggs collected by licensed collectors in Scotland. Contaminants reported include polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), organochlorine pesticides or...

Balance sheet analysis and farming performance

This release presents the main results from an analysis of the profitability and resilience of farms in England using data from the Farm Business Survey. Six measures have been examined;...

Semiochemical experiment data, 2005-2009 - RELU Re-bugging the system: promoting adoption of alternative pest management strategies in field crop systems

The semiochemical experiment data were collected from novel laboratory, semi-field- and field-scale bioassay experiments taking behavioural observations and counts of pest insects and their natural...

Conservation biological control experiments data, 2005-2009 - RELU Re-bugging the system: promoting adoption of alternative pest management strategies in field crop

This set of conservation biological control experiments data was collected as part of five field experiments investigating agricultural biological control techniques, particularly the effect of...

Chemical contaminants and shell index values for gannet eggs

This dataset gives concentrations of chemical contaminants in the contents of eggs collected from colonies of the northern gannet, Morus bassanus, in the United Kingdom. The majority of eggs...

High resolution water quality and flow monitoring data coupled with daily and storm samples from the Loddon catchment (Sept 2017-Sept 2018)

This data set comprises of hourly water quality monitoring and flow data of a site within the River Loddon catchment, UK, from September 2017 to September 2018. Parameters measured were...

Phenotypic and environmental data for Lake Ring, Denmark, Daphnia magna population, 1955-2010

This dataset contains fitness-linked life history traits, environmental data, and protein and gene expression data for Daphnia magna. Life history data were measured in common garden experiments....

FGS Target Area - Clyde Climate Forest - Native Woodlands for Connectivity

This dataset identifies the target areas within the Clyde Climate Forest where a higher payment rate is available to create and manage Native Woodlands for Connectivity. Native Woodlands provide...