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Taxi and private hire vehicle licences

The reports list all vehicles licensed as a taxis/private hire by Cheltenham Borough Council including registration number, make, model and date licensed from and to. Publication of these lists...

Private Housing Stock Ward Factsheets

The City of York Council commissioned the Building Research Establishment in 2015 to undertake a series of data modelling exercises on our private housing stock to produce an integrated stock model...

Total number of private sector dwellings demolished by your authority or by a third party by your authority

The Housing Strategy Statistical Appendix (HSSA) is a statistical return to support the LA's annual Housing Strategy. It is mainly basic and policy orientated data on all tenures within each local...

HMRC Buildings Property Details

Address and STEPS (Strategic Transfer of the Estate to the Private Sector) codes for all HMRC buildings. Updated: ad hoc.

Change of Work Orders (CWO)

Record of and documentation to show formal requests for change issued to estates Private Finance Initiative (PFI) providers. Updated: as required.

HMRC Buildings Property Details

Address and STEPS (Strategic Transfer of the Estate to the Private Sector) codes for all HMRC STEPS buildings. Updated: ad hoc.

Allerdale Private Street Work Land Charge

Private Street Works recorded as a Land Charge and expressed as a polygon extent.

Leeds private hire operator licences issued

All current private hire operators licences (including operator licences that do not currently have any vehicles or drivers associated with them). This dataset is updated weekly

Taxi and private hire licences - total number

Breakdown of the number of each type of taxi and private hire licence issued in Leeds

Private Registered Provider housing in our area

This data is based on the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) Statistical Data Return (SDR). It provides a list of Private Registered Providers (including registered social landlords, housing...

Barnet Pension Fund - Alternative and Private Funds

Information about Barnet Council's Pension Alternative and Private Funds - names and vintage years of private equity, venture capital, mezzanine, distressed, real estate/REIT, debt, infrastructure...

Public and Private Sector Earnings

This analysis looks at differences in average hourly earnings in the public and private sector from 2002-2010 using regression analysis, and considers the difficulties in making comparisons due to...

Statutory Compliance data

Documentation used to record and track compliance to HMRC's statutory requirements on the STEPS (Strategic Transfer of the Estate to the Private Sector) estate. Updated: monthly.

Rail finance

Investment made by private companies into the rail industry Source agency: Office for Rail Regulation Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Rail finance

Permanent Forest Mensuration Sample Plot Network

Permanent forest mensuration sample plots that are re-measured every 5 or 10 years as part of a rolling annual programme. Data is collected from a sample of public and private woodland sites...

Estates Data

Data regarding FSA estates. It covers running costs and space per FTE and workstation. The figures are used to benchmark against other government departments and the private sector. We are able...

Taxi Licensing - Wheelchair Accessible Private Hire Vehicles

Details of wheelchair accessible private hire vehicles.This data will be updated monthly.

Bring empty private sector properties back into use

Bring empty private sector properties back into use *This indicator has been discontinued.

Private sector long term empty properties by ward

This dataset show long term empty properties (6 months+) in the private sector. Please note ----------- * Due to technical problems at the time, the data listed between May 2013 and July 2013...

Index of Private Housing Rental Prices

The Index of Private Housing Rental Prices (IPHRP) is a quarterly experimental price index. It tracks the prices paid for renting property from private landlords in Great Britain. Source agency:...