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Health Survey for England: Trend Tables

The Health Survey for England series was designed to monitor trends in the nation’s health, to estimate the proportion of people in England who have specified health conditions, and to estimate the...

Waste Infrastructure Data Tables 2010

Environment Agency waste permitting data at the end of March 2010. Brings together standard data fields from our permitting systems plus additional information gleaned directly from permits. It...

Roll History table

Total numbers on roll since 2010 for Maintained and Academy York Local Authority Schools (Excludes dual registered subsidiary pupils). Blanks in the data indicate that school was not open in...

Table And Chair Applications

This dataset contains table and chair applications in the London Borough of Camden.

KS5 Performance Tables

Key Stage 5 performance data for schools in Barnet, including the Barnet and national averages.

Department for Communities and Local Government Core Financial and Performance Tables

The 2009-2010 core financial and performance tables for the Department for Communities and Local Government are published as a replacement for the Departmental Annual Report. Following the general...

Ministry of Defence statistics via Build Your Own Table

Tool that allows users to generate tables of defence statistics in the format they require. It includes service personnel statistics, MOD civilian statistics and war pensions statistics.

Marine human activities-pressures links table

This standardised UK pressure-activities matrix was created following a review of previous attempts to link human activities to marine pressures. Coastal and marine ecosystems have historically...

Achievement and Attainment Tables for GCE/VCE/Applied A/AS and Equivalent Results in England

Now re-named Performance Tables, these statistics contain school and college level information on the performance of pupils reaching the end of their Key Stage 5 education in England. Source...

Achievement and Attainment Tables for National Curriculum Assessments at Key Stage 2

The Achievement and Attainment Tables (now re-named Performance Tables) provide information on the achievements of pupils in local primary schools, how they compare with other schools in the Local...

Criminal history tables in Sentencing Statistics and Offender Management Caseload Statistics

From the Police National Computer. First published from PNC in 2005; latest publication in July 2009.

Tariff Tables

Tariff Tables set out the payments due to Ofcom by sector

London input-output tables

The London IO tables provide an overview of activity across sectors and key aggregates (production, consumption and expenditure) as well as the interlinkages between sectors and London’s trade...

Manchester Metrolink Fares Tables

The fares within this file are correct as of 26 January 2020. This file contains stop to stop fare data for 23 Metrolink only tickets. These tickets are: * Adult anytime single * Adult...

Salmonid and freshwater fisheries statistics - Supplementary data tables

These data provide the declared final salmonid rod and net catches in England, Wales and the Border Esk. The catch data represents declared catches. Catch data is reported annually via catch...

S Tables Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet database containing information relating to The National Archives

Interim Life Tables

Interim life tables, which are produced annually for the UK and its constituent countries, give statistics on period life expectancy by age and sex. Source agency: Office for National...

Decennial Life Tables

Graduated life tables which give statistics on national life expectancy for each constituent country of the UK. Published once every ten years. Source agency: Office for National...

National Life Tables

National life tables, which are produced annually for the UK and its constituent countries, give statistics on period life expectancy by age and sex. Source agency: Office for National...

Planning Application statistics – live tables

Quarterly and annual statistics for planning applications published on the DCLG website.