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Shared Services Centre (SSC CA)

SSC CA represents the information stored within the Outlook Address Book which contains emails, addresses and telephone numbers for Shared Services Centre staff, DVLA staff and DSA staff.

Research to produce look-up tables of marginal ecosystem values for initial appraisal within cost-benefit analysis

Searchable spreadsheet of environmental valuation (monetary) estimates drawn from the environmental economics literature. In order to increase the practical use of environmental valuation in...

Index to the BGS collection of geologist's field notebooks and section books.

An index to the manuscript notebook collection was set up in the 1990's. The notebooks themselves contain detailed information gathered by BGS geologists (or other recognised geologists) from...

Library catalogue

Database of books in Museum libraries available for public reference

The BGS Collection Of Geologist's Field Notebooks, Section Books and Field Record Cards.

Manuscript notebooks, section books and field record cards containing detailed information gathered by the Survey geologists (or other recognised geologists) from various sources as part of the...

Library loans (all media)

This dataset concerns loans made across libraries in Leeds since the 2000/01 financial year. Please note ----------- * The 2000/01 and 2001/02 figures relate only to the number of books issued....

1862 Act Registers

The 1862 Act Register contains records of land and property in England and Wales, registered under the Land Registry Act 1862. It was the government’s first attempt to record property ownership...

Enabling a Natural Capital Approach

These datasets form part of Defra’s Enabling a Natural Capital Approach (ENCA) resource. The Services and Assets Databooks together collate around 400 UK data sources, tools and studies for 8...

Councillor travel and accommodation expenses

Dataset showing all councillor travel expenses booked via the council's current travel contract (Click Travel). The information shows date of travel, councillor, type of travel and cost. Please...

Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service Financial Databases

All financial transactions processed and held in Open Accounts and Ebis. List of holders of leased cars. List of all allocated mobile phones. List of assets owned by Cafcass. List of users of...

Events in Parks 2015-16

A table of events booked in for parks in the London Borough of Barnet

Events in Parks

A table of events booked in for parks in the London Borough of Barnet

Sutton Libraries Catalogue

A REST API returning JSON responses to Sutton Council's library service catalogue. You can: - look up a book by ISBN - fetch realtime book availability showing which libraries have copies -...

Library Stock Summary

Library Stock Summary Details the amount of physical book stock held in Barnet Libraries on a given date. Columns Local authority – Barnet Library name – each item has a home location on our...

The Linked Open British National Bibliography

Please note: The Linked Open BNB has moved to a new (beta) home: The British National Bibliography is the first national bibliography tenant for the Share Family...

Library loans - top 100 authors borrowed (adult fiction)

This dataset provides a list of the top 100 adult fiction authors borrowed from Leeds City Council libraries, ranked in order of the number of loans for their books.

Libraries Reader Groups

Reader groups that take place in libraries and allowing people to discuss and share views on group selected books. Please note this does not lnclude community run groups.

Active library users by age

A dataset showing the number of active library users by age band. An active library user is defined as someone who has borrowed/renewed a book or used a library computer within the last year

Far East Prisoner of War: Changi List database, Indian Army (INA) database, Red Book Master

Details of HKSRA claims referred for verification of identity visit. Records outcome decision.

United Kingdom National Accounts

The Blue Book is a key annual publication of National Accounts statistics and the essential data source for anyone concerned with macro economic policies and studies. Source agency: Office for...