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Landscape Character Areas

The Northern Ireland Landscape Character Assessment subdivided the countryside into 130 Landscape Character Areas (LCAs), each based upon local patterns of geology, landform, land use, cultural and...

NatureScot Landscape WFS

This WFS provides feature access to the data about various landscape, geomorphology and geology related datasets in Scotland.

NatureScot Landscape WMS

This service contains layers with data about various landscape related modelling projects and classification systems.

NatureScot Landscape WCS

This Web Coverage Service provides download access to the raster information in the Scotlands's Wildness data series.

Landscape Map of Scotland

The map reflects the great diversity of landscapes within the country, and the regional distinctiveness which that creates. Together with the accompanying descriptions and photographs, the areas...

Planning Policy - Landscape and Green Infrastructure

Documents relating to landscape and green infrastructure.

Local Landscape Character Assessment Areas

Different landscape character areas and sub areas as assessed under the 2007 Landscape Character Assessment consultation draft. These areas are not designated as such but the character assessment...

PLA UDP Special Landscape Character

SLC is a non-statutory conservation designation used by local government in some parts of the United Kingdom to categorise sensitive landscapes which are, either legally or as a matter of policy,...

Landscape Character Assessment - Green Belt

Landscape character assessments seek to identify the features and elements of landscape areas that contribute to creating their distinct character and that make them different to neighbouring...

Thurrock LDF Landscape Nature Conservation

This dataset forms part of Thurrock Council current development plan. For more information go to Contact Thurrock Council to obtain the GIS data

Plymouth Urban Fringe Landscape Areas

Data showing the extent of different urban fringe character areas as defined by the Plymouth and Plymouth Urban Fringe Landscape and Seascape Assessment. See...

Harrogate District Landscape Character Areas

Extents of landscape character types in Harrogate District as polygons. Urban areas and stately homes are excluded. Legacy dataset, but with significant relevance for current landscape description.

Places to Visit in Causeway Coast and Glens

The Causeway Coast and Glens is an area of breathtaking beauty where the rugged coastline merges with a romantic landscape of deep, silent glens and lust forest parks and boasts three Areas of...

Grow With Wyre Woodland Improvement Grant Project Area

The dataset boundary allowed targeting of English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS) Woodland Improvement Grant (WIG) within the scheme area in the West Midlands Region as part of the 2008 - 2011 EWGS...


A dataset of unique identifiers for a wide range of landscape and built environment features, with a generalised location, extracted from OS MasterMap products. A TOID (Topographic Identifier) is...

North Lincolnshire Council Historic Landscape Characteristics

North Lincolnshire Council Historic Landscape Characteristics represented as polygons digitised with reference to Ordnance Survey MasterMap.

Local Plan 2004 Areas of Attractive Landscape

Areas of Attractive Landscape relevant to Policy L2 of the Adopted Local Plan 2004, polygons

Local Plan 2004 Local Landscape Areas

Areas of land designated Local Landscape Areas, Policy L2 of the Adopted Local Plan 2004, polygons

West Sussex Local Landscape Character Areas

The West Sussex Character Assessment was carried out in 2003, resulting in the identification of 42 unique areas and the production of land management guidelines for each character area. These...

Historic Landscape Characterisation - Early 21st Century

The Oxfordshire Historic Landscape Characterisation (HLC) Project commenced in October 2012, funded by Historic England and hosted by Oxfordshire County Council (OCC). Due to a change in key...