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My City Centre Winter Consultation 2021

This dataset contains raw data from the My City Centre winter survey which asked residents to feedback on a draft vision for the city along with a summary report of findings. An insight report from...

My City Centre Summer Consultation 2021

This dataset contains the raw data and summary reports from four surveys which took place during Summer 2021 where we asked residents and businesses to feedback on ideas to make access to the city...

Indicative site capacity toolkit - consultation draft

The Indicative Site Capacity Toolkit has been developed as part of Optimising site capacity: a design led approach London Plan Guidance to assist in determining the indicative site capacity of...

Allerdale North West Water Consultation Constraint

Allerdale Planning Constraint for North West Water Consultation. Expressed as Polygons

East Riding of Yorkshire Mineral Consultation Zonesv1

This data shows the minerals consultation zones for the Holderness District Wide Local Plan (1999) and the Boothferry Wide Local Plan (1999). Data for the East Yorkshire Borough Wide Local Plan...

Better Use of Data - GLA Consultation Response

The GLA strongly believes that Government needs to do more to unlock the power of data, helping organisations to make better decisions and operate more efficiently. Greater sharing of information...

VIP Trading Estate public consultation documents

No description provided

Bristol City Council Open Consultation Finder

Find Bristol City Council Open Consultations.

Sub-regions (London Plan Consultation 2009)

GLA sub-region boundaries as defined in the London Plan Consultation 2009. Created by merging borough boundaries into the following five sub regions: Central, North, East, South and West. Note that...

100 West Cromwell Road consultation documents

No description provided

Former Biscuit Factory public consultation documents

No description provided

Bishopsgate Goodsyard Regulation 22 consultation documents

Documents for the Regulation 22 consultation on the planning application at Bishopsgate Goodsyard, PDU reference 1200c, including Socio-Economic Assessment, Noise Contour Plots, LDS Draft Addendum,...

Manor Road homebase amended consultation documents

Amended documents for the Manor Road Homebase public hearing, case number 4795. See also...

Former Master Brewer Site consultation documents

Application documents for the redevelopment of the former Master Brewer site, case reference 0995g. More information can be found at...

Former Stag Brewery public consultation documents

No description provided

Government Consultation Responses - Adult Education and Skills

The Greater London Authority’s responses to national government consultations relating to adult education, skills, and employment provision.

Marine Management Organisation East Plan modification pack consultation responses

This data is a record of the comments made in consultation with stakeholders on the East Marine Plan document and the action taken by the Marine Management Organisation.

National statistics review of tax credit statistics: results

Following the recent national statistics review of tax credit statistics a summary of responses have been published on the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) website. There were almost 140...

Environment Agency's planning consultation response timeliness: 2018 to 2019 supporting data

Environment Agency data for the planning consultations received during the 2018-19 financial year that are subject to our 21 day statutory duty to respond. This data supports our statutory annual...

Learning to Drive consultation response database

Learning to Drive consultation response database. Information relating to the Learning To Drive consultation including copies of responses linked to the individuals and organisations who provided...