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State-funded school inspections and outcomes: management information

Management information published monthly and a one-off publication of inspections and outcomes from 2005 to 2015.

BIS Information Asset Register

A list of information assets held by the Department. The register was compiled and relates to those assets held in 2015. The compilation is based on returns from each directorate across the...

DCMS Workforce Management Information

These figures are not official statistics. They are internal workforce management information published in the interests of transparency. These figures have not been reconciled centrally with...

Probation Workforce Information Report

These reports include detailed information on staffing numbers at national and local Probation Trust levels, including periodic comparisons and trends. Source agency: Justice Designation:...

Information security breaches survey

The number and type of information security breaches affecting UK businesses in 2012. Based on a survey of 1,402 UK businesses, carried out in four separate questionnaires.

Criminal Justice System Information

This quarterly publication presents management information from the criminal justice system (CJS) in England & Wales covering effectiveness and efficiency of the CJS in bringing offences to...

SO Workforce Management Information

Scotland Office Staff Management Information

Information Request Tracking System

Tracks Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Regulation requests submitted to Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra)

Freedom of Information (FOI) Portal

Contains the details of all FOI requests received and responses issued by BIS and DECC since February 2006. Contains the personal data of requestors.

Sick absence quarterly information

Sick absence information reported quarterly to Cabinet Office (one quarter in arrears). Includes breakdown of sick absence by long and short term sick, cost of sick, staff employed during the...

Weapons Information Exchange System

To fulfil EC Directive 91/47/EEC, to let EU countries know firearms, ammunition and component parts of weapons are being imported/exported to/from their country and to let the UK HMRC know that...

Fitness Information System Software

Actually three different systems, one for each Service.  The systems record Fitness levels of all Service Personnel. This is a DASA hosted system used by the three Services.

Vetting Information on Local IT System

ETHOS system database, data held: name, date of birth, place of birth, postcode & employer name.

Information Management Passport Data

Series of spreadsheets by HLB/SABU/Agency detailing staff members who have undertaken the IM Passport and their pass mark. Used by CTLB SIOs for managing training progress and by CTLB IM to monitor...

Rail Technical Contract Information

Contract information (e.g. employment of consultants/contractors, temps and other non-permanent staff) in support of DfT's rail research programme.

HOCS Information Asset Register

The TLBs databases of Information Assets.

Freedom of Information Tracking System

FITS manages the Department's Freedom of Information requests and responses. It is an access database that is accessed only via the ETHOS infrastructure by DfTc staff.

Access to Information Toolkit (AIT)

To manage and track Freedom of Information requests.

Financial information for Franchise Agreements

Financial information and other supporting information for TOC Franchise Agreements

FCO Workforce Management Information

On 1 September the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) merged with the Department for International Development (DFID) to form Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. These data gives...