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Criminal Proceedings in Scottish Courts

Statistics on criminal proceedings concluded in Scottish Courts, motor vehicle offences, and bail orders and offences. Source agency: Scottish Government Designation: National...

Fleet vehicles fuel consumption

Dataset showing how much fuel each council vehicle has consumed, by year and by fuel type. Dataset guidance ---------------- The following information refers to the columns in the data: * ...

MOT vehicle testing stations

MOT Vehicle Testing Stations (VTS) including: VTS Site Number, Trading Name, Address, Postcode, Telephone Number, Class Number, Local Authority, Output Area, Super Output Areas, Deprivation Level...

Electric Vehicles Charging Points

Charging points for electric vehicles in York. For further information about electric charging points please visit the...

Road Collision Vehicles In Camden

This dataset contains road collisions in Camden dating back to 2005. Data is provided by TfL (Transport for London) on an annual basis in three parts – this is the vehicles part; some information...

Electric Vehicle Charging Site

A Low Emission Neighbourhood (LEN) is an area-based scheme that includes a package of measures focused on reducing emissions (and promoting sustainable living more generally). A LEN is delivered by...

Number of vehicles in CYC Fleet

Number of vehicles in CYC Fleet

Electric Vehicle Charging Transactions

Data showing Electric Vehicle Charging Point Transactions: charging point location, time, total Wh and connect time. Data measured in Watt Hours (Wh).

Deer Vehicle Collisions

Points showing the locations of traffic accidents involving deer (2008-2018). Data collected by the National Deer-Vehicle Collisions Project - A Project administered by The...

Traffic Commissioners: goods and public service vehicle operator licence records

These records are updated on a weekly basis, every Sunday. Register of all goods and public service vehicle operator licence holders in Great Britain as recorded on the Vehicle Operator...

Emissions in-use Compliance

Emissions In-Use Compliance:- Names and address of vehicle keepers and vehicle registrations and Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) Numbers. Around 1000 names and addresses. Details of test...

Taxi and private hire vehicle licences

The reports list all vehicles licensed as a taxis/private hire by Cheltenham Borough Council including registration number, make, model and date licensed from and to. Publication of these lists...

% waste recycled - All CYC Vehicles

% waste recycled - All CYC Vehicles

Tonnage recycled - All CYC Vehicles

Tonnage recycled - All CYC Vehicles

Tonnage commingled - All CYC Vehicles

Tonnage commingled - All CYC Vehicles


Restriction includes turn restrictions, restriction for vehicles, and access restrictions. Turn restrictions are a restriction based upon a vehicle manoeuvre. This type of restriction includes...

Road Track Or Path

Features representing, describing or limiting the extents of roadways, tracks and pathways. A road is a metalled way for vehicles. A track is an unmetalled way that is clearly marked, permanent and...

Standard Lists for HGV, Trailer & PSV

Manufacturer provided technical data on vehicle weights and measurements for Heavy Goods Vehicles, Trailers and Public Service Vehicle.

Police Powers and Procedures

Contains chapters on arrests, stop and search, fixed penalty notices and breath tests. Source agency: Home Office Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Fomerly...

Tonnage composted (green) - All CYC Vehicles

Tonnage composted (green) - All CYC Vehicles