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Bassetlaw District Council Open Space Allotments

The dataset from 2012 includes land classified as allotments within the Bassetlaw District Area. The allotments dataset contains information such as locations, settlements, catchment figures and...

National Forest Estate Recreaton Routes England 2016

The usage, name and grade of the series of recreation segments that link together to form linear recreation features, for example, mountain bike trails or walking trails. Primary Route...

Vehicle security and vehicle crime

Vehicle crime has fallen 80% since 1995, which makes it one of the most important factors in the long-term decline in overall crime. The report aimed to extract a large amount of learning from...

Bassetlaw District Council Cemetery Sites

The dataset from 2012 includes land classified as a churchyard or cemetery within the Bassetlaw District Area. The Cemetery dataset contains information such as locations, settlements, reference...

Local Authority Measures for National Indicators supported by the Tellus Survey

Five National Indicators (NIs) are derived from data produced by the Tellus4 Survey. Statistics produced from the data are used to measure the following performance indicators: NI 50:...

Bassetlaw District Council Semi Natural Green Space

The dataset from 2012 includes land classified as Semi Natural Green Space within the Bassetlaw District Area. The Semi Natural Green Space dataset contains information such as locations,...

Sports pitches

Data showing details on the playing and sports pitches in Plymouth.

Open space provision for children and young people

Areas designed primarily for play and social interaction involving children and young people. Includes equipped play areas, ball courts, outdoor basketball hoop areas, skateboard areas, teenage...

Mini-catchment weir records from an impact study of drain cleaning on water flows (Coalburn, Scotland)

Coalburn in the north of England is Britain's longest running forest hydrology research catchment, providing a unique record of the long-term effects of conifer afforestation on upland water...


Dataset contains areas identified as children's play areas. It does not denote authority ownership.

HambletonDC Open Spaces

Polygon representation of open spaces across Hambleton classified as Amenity, Provision for Children, Outdoor Sports, Recreational Areas for Families, Allotments and School Playing Fields and then...

School Open Spaces in The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

This data identifies school open spaces, e.g. playing fields, which are protected by planning policy.

Outdoor Sports Facilities

Natural or artificial surfaces either publicly or privately owned used for sport and recreation. Examples of such provision include outdoor sports pitches, tennis courts and bowling greens, golf...


Open Spaces Sport And Recreation Areas within South Gloucestershire, including parks, playing fields, allotments.

Open Spaces

Areas of land indicated as being of use for playing facilities and for the long-term benefit of the community for recreation purposes.

EXP Match Day

Match day parking zones football matches which prioritise parking for local residents and busineses played at home.

West Somerset Council - Open Space

Protected open spaces categorised by function: amenity, allotment, churchyard / cemetery, orchard, playground, playing field and recreation ground.

Recreation spaces

Data showing the location of play spaces in Plymouth. Updated 2016. Any changes made after this date will not be reflected in this data set.

Green Infrastructure - Central Area

Green Infrastructure includes parks, open spaces, playing fields, woodlands, wetlands, grasslands, river and canal corridors allotments and private gardens.

RBWM Owned Open Spaces

Areas of land within the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead that are used for playing activities and recreational purposes for the community that are owned by the council. Data captured as...