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Brominated Flame Retardant (BFR) Mass Balance Study

Mass Balance study to quantify existing Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRs) and identify unknowns, in food and feed.

Geodatabase to accompany Bowland Shale Study (BGS, NSTA)


Geodatabase to accompany Weald Shale study (BGS, NSTA)


West Hendon Playing Fields - Feasibility Study including the Draft Master Plan

The meeting of the Environment Committee on 14 March 2019 will consider a report on Sports Hubs master planning. The development of three Sports Hubs in Barnet was one of the recommendations of the...

BRNC - Accreditation office

Britannia Royal Naval College - Information for presentation to the Exam Board for the awarding of the FdSc in Naval/Maritime Studies and DipHE in Marine Studies..

HMRC International tax benchmarking

Part of HM Revenue & Customs' (HMRC's) research activities involve comparing the way HMRC work to counterparts in other countries. This work allows HMRC to identify leading practice elsewhere,...

Seed production and seedling survival in a stand of Corsican pine in Southern Britain

There is much literature on natural regeneration which emphasizes the importance of good seed year, but few authors consider seed input in terms of the combination of seed quantity (i.e. number of...

Microsatellite results from 192 full-sib offspring with 130 microsatellite markers

This data represents results from a large panel of polymorphic microsatellite markers which were used to generate a genetic linkage map for a Sitka spruce full-sib family utilising Joinmap...

A section 75 analysis of mortality patterns in Northern Ireland

An analysis of mortality within Northern Ireland using the NI Mortality Study. Source agency: Health, Social Service and Public Safety (Northern Ireland) Designation: Official Statistics not...

Northern Ireland Health & Social Care Inequalities Monitoring System: An equality analysis of mortality within NI

An analysis of mortality within Northern Ireland using the NI Mortality Study. Source agency: Health, Social Service and Public Safety (Northern Ireland) Designation: Official Statistics not...

UK Shale Report-linked study areas (BGS, NTSA)


Mimetic host shifts in a social parasite of ants: Behavioural study

This dataset derives from cross-over experiments using ant worker rescue behaviour towards caterpillars of the socially parasitic butterfly from two host-ecotypes. The data comprise datasets...

UK Shale Report-Linked Study Areas (BGS, NTS)


Student visitors

Research into the student visitors route which allows people to visit the UK for up to six months to undertake a short course of study. The research investigates who is using this growing...

OS Mastermap Highways Network with speed data

Helping you plan routes, analyse traffic information and optimise journeys. Thanks to OS MasterMap Highways Network with Speed Data, you can also access road speed information through our product....

Base Year Freight Matrices

Modelled road freight vehicle movements for a base year of 2006, produced by the Base Year Freight Matrices (BYFM) study. Data consists of numbers of vehicles per average day between a set of...

Public Attitudes to Science

A collection of studies looking at the UK public’s attitudes to science, scientists and science policy.

Observations from the International Phenology Garden at Alice Holt, Hampshire (2005-2015)

These data are the annual records of observations of phenological phases of plants in the International Phenology Garden (IPG) at Alice Holt, Hampshire. The IPG network consists of replicated...

Chevening Scholarships

These dataset gives details for the monthly stipend payable to FCO Chevening Scholars when studying in the UK from overeseas.

Testing shoot cold hardiness in Eucalyptus (Daneshill energy plantation 2007)

Several studies on growing eucalyptus in Britain have been undertaken over the last 25 years. All recognise the potential for establishing this species as a valuable forest crop while stressing...