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Community Grants

This dataset contains details of grants made to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations within the previous financial year. It will be updated on an annual basis at the end of each...

Community Venues

Community venues in York. For further information please visit [City of York Council's website]( *Please note that the data published within this...

Community Hubs

Community hubs in York. For further information please visit [City of York Council's website]( *Please note that the data published within this...

Flood warning system registration figures

Dataset shows the number of registrations for the flood warning system (FWS) by target area (flood warning and flood alert areas). The dataset includes figures for publically registerable live...

Pupil Foundation Stage Profile: Communication, language and literacy

The proportion of foundation stage children (five year olds) achieving early learning goals in communication, language and literacy based on four measures: language for communication and thinking,...

DCLG Data4NR: Community punishment and rehabilitation order supervision

Persons starting Community Punishment Order (unpaid work of 40 - 240 hours for those aged 16 or more) or Rehabilitation Order (a 1-3 year probation element and a 40-100 hour community service...

NSEP Community Interest Empowering Communities (ECINS) contract

The ECIINS contract is a 4 year contract from 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2026 Contract is to provide a Case Management portal for Community Safety and CAFT and a Potential Violent Persons...

Historic Flood Warnings

This record is for Approval for Access product AfA435. Listing of Severe Flood Warnings, Flood Warnings and Flood Alerts issued since the flood warning system went live on January 26th 2006 to the...

Mental Health Community Teams Activity

Quarterly data on new cases taken on in the year by Early Intervention (EI) in psychosis services, number of patients on Care Programme Approach (CPA) followed up within 7 days of discharge from...

Community action against crime: innovation fund successful applicants

The list of projects that successfully applied for a grant from the community action against crime innovation fund.

Community Protection Notices - Dog Fouling (Private or communal areas)

Community Protection Notices - Dog Fouling (Private or communal areas)

NI 023 - Perceptions that people in the area treat one another with respect and consideration

Encouraging local authorities and their partners to take action to promote strong communities with shared values where community members treat one another

Assets of Community Value

Details of land and assets with Community Value.This dataset is updated on an annual basis

Community Infrastructure Levy

Wycombe District is split in to 2 CIL areas, which determine if a levy is chargeable for certain development

Assets of Community Value

The Community Right to Bid for Assets of Community Value allows voluntary and community organisations to nominate an asset which they consider has benefits for social well-being and social...

Community Directory Test

No description provided

Community Fund Tracking

This Dataset contains information relating to Community Fund Grants which are awarded and processed by the Leisure and Community Services Team.

Community Centres in Salford

Community centres in Salford that are managed by [Salford Community Leisure]( "Salford Community Leisure website") including name, location, website and...

Community Infrastructure Levy

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge on new buildings in England and Wales. It is a mechanism to ensure certain types of new development contribute to the infrastructure needed to...

Assets of Community Value

The Council must introduce and administer a scheme which makes provision for local community groups to nominate buildings or land within the district to be included in a List of Assets of Community...