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Revised Draft Water Resources Management Plan 2019 Supply-Demand Data at Company Level 2020/21 to 2044/45

A water company’s water resources management plan (WRMP) is supported by a series of data tables. During the consultation on their plans the company produce draft water resource management plan...

Corporation Tax Liabilities

Provides breakdowns of the corporation liability by number, income, allowances, deductions, company sector and financial year for the UK. Previously listed under 'Revenue-based Taxes and Benefits:...

Timetabled Train Kilometres

Timetabled train kilometres (TTKM) show the number of kilometres each train operating company will achieve according to the winter and summer train timetable if they are operating at full...

Unredacted Franchise Agreements

Unredacted versions of the Franchise Agreements between the Department for Transport and Train Operating Companies.

Research and Development Tax Credits

Provides annual information about the uptake of R&D (Research & Development) tax credits, their cost, and the nature of the companies claiming them. Previously listed under 'Revenue-based...

Turnover information.

This is provided by companies for the purpose of calculating the plant protection products and biocides Annual Charges payable by approval holders each year. These datasets are electronic...

Master Training Log

HMS TURBULENT. Ship's Company Training record for Phase 1, 2, and 3 Officer and Rating trainees.

Allowance Database

Persdonal Files - HMS DUNCAN Records the allowances being received by Ship's Company iot confirm accuracy

RSA/NAM: TOC data used in economic modelling

Train Operating Company (TOC) revenue estimates and forecasts and - where available - detailed analysis. Data and forecasts are commercially confidential.

International Road Haulage Survey (IRHS)

International data for GB-registered HGVs, input data includes names and addresses of individuals and companies together with vehicle registration mark. (50000 records)

Government Revenue from UK Oil and Gas Production

Provides receipts information for UK oil and gas production, covering all historical duties levied on companies participating in this ring fence regime, including ring fence Corporation Tax (RFCT),...

National Firearms Licensing Management System

Provides a method for managing the licensing of firearms, shotguns and explosives. It records all individuals, companies and dealers who have applied for, or have been granted, a certificate

Energy Demand Research Project (EDRP)

Pilot trials (2007-2010) to test the impact of different interventions on energy demand reduction, jointly conducted by energy companies and academics (managed by Ofgem on behalf of Defra/DECC)

Consolidated List of Financial Sanctions Targets

These are a consolidated list of asset freeze targets (both individuals and companies) designated by the United Nations, European Union and United Kingdom under legislation relating to current...

Environmental Regulations Unit Database

A list of all stakeholders (trade associations, companies, NGOs, consultants, law firms and individuals) that have requested to be kept updated on the environmental regulations for which BIS has...

Water Industry National Environment Programme

This dataset is the PR19 Water Industry National Environment Programme (WINEP) .It is supported by WISER (Water Industry Strategic Environmental Requirements). WINEP represents a set of actions...

Rail passenger count data

Rail Analysis. Train operators collect passenger count data on periodic cycles (at least biannually), to facilitate capacity planning and rolling stock allocation within individual Train Operating...

Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) sequel database system

Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) information related to water company drinking water quality technical data and associated information. Data collected from local authorities describing private...

From waste management to resource recovery: a developing sector

Results from a survey of companies operating in the waste management sector. Identifies key activities in the waste management sector, outlines key policies and regulations affecting the sector,...

Continuing Survey of Road Goods Transport NI

Domestic data for Northern Ireland registered Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), input data includes names and addresses of individuals and companies together with Vehicle Registration Mark. (10,000...