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New Burdens Grant

The New Burdens Grant is paid by central government to local authorities under section 31 of the Local Government Act 2003.

Water Body RNAGS New Forest

Water body reasons for not achieving good status (RNAGS) identify the pressures that are impacting the status classification of water bodies. Reasons for deterioration (RFDs) identify the...

Water Body Measures New Forest

Water body measures are the actions which will be taken on the ground to help achieve water body objectives. They are brought about by a range of legal, policy or financial mechanisms and involve...

Report a food problem service - User satisfaction

A breakdown showing user satisfaction for the Report a food problem service.

Annual report of incidents - Food Standards Agency

The release includes an appendix presenting numbers and types of incidents, reported to the Food Standards Agency, that have the potential to impact on the safety of food. The release adopts a...

Scarborough Borough Council New Local Plan Proposed New Road

Extents of the Proposed New Road in the Borough of Scarborough as lines. Created as part of the New Local Plan 2015. Subject to Ordnance Survey Licensing. See...

News release

News release produced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Source agency: Office for National Statistics Designation: Supporting material Language: English Alternative title: Media

Proportion of new dwellings on previously developed land, by local authority

Proportion of new dwellings on previously-developed land. Previously-developed land, often called brownfield land, is land that was developed but is now vacant or derelict, and land currently in...

Annual innovation report

Data used in the Annual innovation report 2012. The fourth annual innovation report that gives the latest available evidence on UK innovation performance and the contribution of business,...

Accident Reporting System

Accident, near miss and incident report submissions.

Deaths reported to coroners

Deaths reported to coroners: Inquests and post-mortems Source: Her Majesty's Coroners, Department for Constitutional Affairs (DCA) Publisher: Department for Constitutional Affairs...

Daily Situation Reports

Fast track daily information on emergency pressures in the winter period (eg A&E diverts, beds closed due to norovirus, critical care capacity). Collected from acute NHS Trusts and NHS...

Defence Irregularity Reports

Defence Irreugularity reports - MOD reports of irregularities submitted to the DIRC via Defence Network, letters, phone calls. All stored on Magic Database which holds personal data relelvant to...

Police grant reports

Sets out the Home Secretary’s determination for 2009/10 of the aggregate amount of grants that she proposes to pay under section 46(2) of the Police Act 1996, and the amount to be paid to the...

Medical Discharge Report

Medical Discharges from the Armed Forces Source agency: Defence Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Medical Discharge

Crown Prosecution Service Annual Report 2012-2013

Underlying data from the CPS Annual Report 2012-2013

Private Finance Initiative (PFI) provider Monthly Report

Monthly report covering performance of Private Finance Initiative (PFI) provider's estate management services.

CPS Annual Report 2015-2016/casework data

These data show the caseload statistics for the Crown Prosecution Service from 2013-2016, as included in the CPS Annual Report for that period. Criminal Justice

Water Body Status Classification New Forest

Water body status classification data indicates the quality or status of water bodies across a range of different parameters known as quality elements. This dataset includes the classification...

Water Body Status Objectives New Forest

Water body status objectives describe the long term aim for specific parts of the water environment. This dataset includes the latest objectives of all water bodies in the New Forest catchment....