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Household Satellite Accounts

Experimental statistics on the output of household production of transport services. This release is part of a programme of work to develop and update the Household Satellite Account for the...

Quarterly National Accounts

A detailed breakdown of the components of GDP as well as key sector accounts aggregates. Source agency: Office for National Statistics Designation: National Statistics Language:...

National Accounts articles

National Accounts articles and supporting material which appear in the National Accounts area of Guidance and Methodology on the ONS website Source agency: Office for National...

Pensions in the National Accounts

A series of methodology articles describing work to compile the pensions supplementary table for the National Accounts, part of preparation for ESA2010 Source agency: Office for National...

South Northamptonshire Council's Statement of Accounts

South Northamptonshire Council's Statement of Accounts

Parking Account Transparency 2015-2016

Information on the income and expenditure of the car parks as set out in the Transparency Code

Bradford Council parking account and space

**Car parking spaces:** There are 3997 off-street and 759 on-street car park spaces in Bradford district.

Non-domestic rates all accounts

All non-domestic rates accounts

NNDR Accounts in Credit 2017/2018

NNDR Accounts in Credit 2017/2018

Bristol City Council Parking Account

A breakdown of income and expenditure on the authority’s parking account. The breakdown of income must include details of revenue collected from on-street parking, off-street parking and Penalty...

Chelmsford Business Rates Accounts in Arrears

Business Rates: A snapshot of historical accounts in arrears

NNDR Accounts Quarterly 2016/2017

NNDR Accounts Quarterly 2017

Chelmsford Business Rates Credit Accounts

Business rates: Every account with a credit and the financial year it relates to

Ryedale Business Rates Accounts in Credit

Business Rates (National Non Domestic Rates (NNDR)) Accounts in Credit

NNDR Accounts Properties 2016/2017

NNDR Accounts Properties 2016/2017

NNDR Accounts Properties 2017/2018

NNDR Accounts Properties 2017/2018

Rushmoor Building Control Financial Account

This dataset is the annual financial account for Rushmoor Borough Council Building Control. This is published at the end of the financial year. NOTE: This information has been approved by the...

Parking Account - Ipswich Borough Council

Parking Account - Ipswich Borough Council

Accounts Payable - Supplier payments summary

Regulation 113 of the Public Contract Regulation Act 2015 requires all contracting authorities to pay undisputed invoices within 30 days. When disputed invoice payments are not paid within this 30...

Lichfield District Council Parking Account

Local Government Transparency Code. Release of data relating to Lichfield District Council's Parking income and expenditure account commencing from 2013/14.