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TfGM Gender Pay Gap Report

From 2017, any organisation must publish specific figures about their gender pay gap. These figures are based on a snapshot taken on 31 March of each financial year, and are published here, on the...

Bristol City Council pay multiples

The ratios between the highest paid salary and the lowest paid; mean and median salary of the council's workforce. This data shows the median and mean pay for all employees including Chief Officers.

OPDC Senior Salaries/Pay Multiple

OPDC Senior salaries and pay multiple are published in line with the Local Government Transparency Code (see pages 76-78 of the GLA’s ‘Appendices to the Mayor of London’s Annual...

OPDC Gender Pay Gap Report

As part of the Mayor’s commitment to publish a gender pay audit for the Greater London Authority and its functional bodies, the OPDC has produced a [Gender Pay Audit...

Business Payment Support Service Dataset (BPSS)

Tax reference level information about Time To Pay requests from taxpayers to HMRC and the Debt Management & Banking (DMB) Directorate. Updated: weekly.

Payroll Database

Payroll reports & financial modelling tools based on the payroll reports. To model annual pay award proposals and other pay related issues. To calculate pay award increases for staff.

Key tax deadlines for tax agents

Tax calendar dates for tax agents, regarding Income Tax Pay As You Earn and Self Assessment, National Insurance Contributions and the Construction Industry Scheme.

Long Service Advance of Pay

Details of payment to RN officers

Presentation of the Gender Pay Gap

A paper outlining how the gender pay gap will be presented in future ONS Statistical Bulletins Source agency: Office for National Statistics Designation: National Statistics Language:...

GOV.UK Pay performance data

This page provides data on the Performance to GOV.UK/Pay. This page is updated weekly.

London Borough of Bexley Pay Policy Statement

London Borough of Bexley's Pay Policy statement from 1April 2014 to 31 March 2015

Salford City Council Pay Policy Statement

This dataset provides information on Salford City Council's pay multiple. The pay multiple is defined as the ratio between the highest paid taxable earnings for the given year (including base...

Median earnings of residents - Gross Weekly Pay (£)

Median earnings of residents - Gross Weekly Pay (£) This measure is the median weekly earnings for full-time employees (working 39.1 hours per week – 2017 average) where half the workers earn...

Increase in % of businesses paying real Living Wage

Increase in % of businesses paying real Living Wage

Pay Policy Statement Appendix 1 2018

The Council's annual pay policy statement, meeting requirements for pay accountability for local authorities arising from the Localism Act 2011

Pay ratio of highest earner to median earner

The ratio of the annual earnings of the highest earner to the median earner for each organisation within the GLA Group, that is: * Greater London Authority (GLA) * Transport for London (TfL) *...

Special Adviser numbers and costs

The following data sets of special adviser numbers and paybands have been released, they list the names of the special advisers in post at various times, including each special adviser’s pay band,...

Corporation Tax: CTPF (pre 1993) CTSA (post 1993)

Various interfaces which process information from the CT Self Assessment and Pay & File CT600 returns and assessments and daily postings transactions. Data-feeds of this COTAX data are...

Public Contracts Regulations 2015 - The National Archives

Under r113 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, statutory guidance is provided for contracting authorities and suppliers on paying undisputed invoices in 30 days down the supply chain. The...

National Insurance & PAYE Service (NPS)

Annual 10% snapshot extract of individuals on the PAYE system. The data includes pay and tax deducted as reported on Form P14, Form P60 (end of year returns) or Form P45, industry of employment and...