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Evaluation of the Early Legal Advice Project

This report presents the findings of the evaluation of the Early Legal Advice Project (ELAP) which was provided for asylum seekers.

Criminal Justice System Information

This quarterly publication presents management information from the criminal justice system (CJS) in England & Wales covering effectiveness and efficiency of the CJS in bringing offences to...

Social housing sales

These tables provide the latest, most useful data, presented by type and other variables, including by geographical area or time.

Defence Infrastructure Organisation Disposals Database House of Commons Report

Ministry of Defence (MOD) present and future disposal properties that are in the public domain that is provided for reference in the House of Commons library.

Crime in England and Wales 2009/10

Presents the most recent crime statistics from the British Crime Survey and police recorded crime in England and Wales.

Citizenship Survey: Attitudes toward Violent Extremism

This statistical Release presents experimental statistics from the first three quarters (April to December 2009) of the 2009-10 Citizenship Survey. It focuses on the extent to which people reject ...

housing finance and household expenditure

The latest, most useful or most popular data, presented by type and other variables, including by geographical area or as a time series.

Zoos Expert Committee data

Information about individual past and present members of the Zoos Forum - the Government’s independent advisory body on zoos matters.

UKCCSRC Call 2 Project: UK demonstration of Enhanced Calcium looping, and first Global Demonstration of Advanced Doping Techniques

This project contributes significantly to the de-risking of a technology which has a significantly lower efficiency penalty than post-combustion capture using Monoethanolamine (MEA) scrubbing. The...

BRNC - Accreditation office

Britannia Royal Naval College - Information for presentation to the Exam Board for the awarding of the FdSc in Naval/Maritime Studies and DipHE in Marine Studies..

Maritime Inventory Performance Dashboards

Presentation tools – and associated data sets - to publish tables and charts on the Defence Intranet showing statistics about Inventory management performance.

Public Expenditure Statistical Analysis 2009 - Public sector expenditure by country, function and sub-function

PESA 2009 chapter 10 presents a more detailed functional breakdown of the public spending by country shown in PESA chapter 9.

Northern Ireland Hospital Statistics: Inpatient and Day Case Activity

This publication presents information on inpatient and day case admission activity at Health and Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland. It details information on Available Beds, Occupied Beds,...

Local Authority dwelling stock

Multiple spreadsheets. The latest, most useful or most popular data, presented by type and other variables, including by geographical area or on a temporal basis.

Asylum performance framework

The data presented in the framework takes into account the speed, quality, productivity, cost and number of cases in progress. These key indicators are also disaggregated by gender.

Lost, stolen and recovered mobiles, laptops and removable media

These tables present annual figures for lost, stolen and recovered blackberries, mobile phones, laptops and removable media at the Home Office, from 2005 onwards. .

Rankings of trading estates as to water quality risks from runoff

Large dataset of trading estate runoff giving a general picture of trading estate runoff and additional insight into the risk it poses. Summary statistics were calculated for the runoff dataset...

Statistical Series 1

Presents trade data on Defence export orders and payments made for services consumed by MOD establishments overseas. Industry tables provide data on the impact of MOD spending on equipment and...

Deployment Specific Forward Inventory Information System

Presentation tools – and associated data sets - that advise how many of which piece parts are expected to be needed for specific deployments of Maritime units on Operations and Exercises.

Civil Justice Statistics

The bulletin presents the latest statistics on the type and volume of civil, judicial review and privacy injunction cases that are received and processed through the justice system of England and...