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Listed Buildings Northumberland

This web feature service (WFS) of Listed Buildings within Northumberland. Listed buildings are legally protected for their special architectural and/or historic interest. The older a building is,...

Locally Listed Buildings

These are buildings within the borough that do not meet the criteria for English Heritage, but are still of historic interest. Placing buildings on the local list draws attention to their local...

Points Of Interest List

This is a list or URL's that open up the mapping information for East Renfrewshire Councils Points Of Interets in XML format.

Locally Listed Buildings

Dataset showing locally listed buildings in Hackney.

Statutory Listed Buildings

Shows all statutory listed buildings and monuments in Hackney. From Design Team.

Listed Buildings Polygons

This dataset represents all the listed buildings that fall withiin the Leeds Mertroplitan Boundary. It includes walls, railings etc

Locally Listed Building

Locally Listed Buildings defined by Chichester District Council

Wolverhampton Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings within the City of Wolverhampton

Rochford Listed Buildings

This dataset shows the location of Listed Buildings within the Rochford District. Upon accessing this Licensed Data you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the Public Sector End User...

Listed Buildings pai

A large scale, polygonised dataset indicating the presence of a listed building within West Dorset.

Liverpool Listed Building

Livepool Listed Building polygon locations

Listed Buildings pai

A large scale, polygonised dataset indicating the presence of a listed building within West Dorset.

Locally Listed Buildings

Locally Listed Buildings within Wyre Forest District.

Sunderland Listed Buildings

Property within the City of Sunderland which has been granted listed status because of special architectural or hstoric interest.

Licensed Practitioner List

Guildford Borough Council List of Practitioners Registered to carry out Acupuncture/Ear piercing/Body piercing/Semi-permanent Skin-Colouring/Tattooing/Electrolysis.

Leeds listed buildings

A dataset showing the current list of listed buildings in Leeds.  A listed building is a building of ‘special architectural or historic interest’ that has been identified and included on a...

Locally Listed Buildings

Buildings which, whilst not meeting the national criteria for listing, are of considerable local historic, architectural or other special character interest. These are known as locally listed...

List of Current Byelaws

List of Current Byelaws in the Borough

NNDR list of reliefs

List of properties in the Wycombe District in receipt of NNDR relief.

RBWM Listed Buildings

The dataset shows the location of listed buildings within the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead The sites are recorded as polygons and are indicative only.