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Staff Corporate & GPC Card Records

FCO(S) -Staff Corporate & GPC card records

Cabinet Office GPC Expenditure

Cabinet Office Government Procurement Card expenditure over £500.

MMO1051 Future Fisheries Trends Average Landings Values 2007 - 2011

Data layer of average landings value(2007 to 2011) for the under-15m and over-15m fleets for all gear types developed for the Future Trends in Fishing and Aquaculture in the South Inshore and...

Lichfield District Council Government Procurement Credit Card Transactions

All transaction on all corporate credit cards owned by Lichfield District Council from the 13th May 2013 to present day . Updates are added monthly in arrears on or around the 15th of each month.

Social Housing Asset Value Manchester

This data set is provided as specified in para. 38 of Local Government Transparency Code February 2015 This data provides information relating to the market value of social housing...

Other Sites of Nature Conservation Value

Other Sites of Nature Conservation Value, as defined in the Blackpool Local Plan 2001/2016 (adopted June 2006)

Payments to suppliers with a value over £500

This page lists reports of individual payments to suppliers with a value over £500 made within the month. From 2014 it shows expenditure with a value over £250. Publication of these lists forms...

Assets of Community Value 2015/2016

List of Assets of Community Value made under the "The Assets of Community Value (England) Regulations 2012". There are currently no assets of community value registered within the Council's...

Payments to suppliers with a value over £500

This page lists reports of individual payments to suppliers with a value over £500 made within the month. Publication of these lists forms part of the Council's commitment to be open and...

Contracts with a value of over 5000 GBP

Under the Local Government Transparency Code, local authorities must publish details of any contract, commissioned activity, purchase order, framework agreement and any other legally enforceable...

Assets of Community Value Register (2023)

Polygon dataset showing the Assets of Community Value Register

Assets Of Community Value complete list

A list of successful and unsuccessful nominations and expired designations

Value for money profiles

Value for money profiles provide benchmarking information on: what the police are spending their budgets; staffing levels by grade and function and outputs and outcomes in a comparable format.

Valuing the police data

Valuing the police data fed into several reports, such as 'Valuing the police, preparedness' in 2011, 'Policing in austerity: one year on' in 2012, 'Policing in austerity: Rising to the Challenge'...

Funding Year Values

Skills Funding Agency contract values for Colleges, training organisations and employers who are in receipt of a contract for a given funding year. Colleges, training organisations, local...

Pupil attainment at GCSE: Average point scores and associated value added measures for NRF Areas

GCSE and equivalent results, average point scores and associated value added measures - Neighbourhood Renewal Fund (NRF) areas by each Local Authority District and Government Office...

Adverse drug reactions (Yellow card scheme)

adverse incidents involving prescription medicines, vaccines, over the counter medicines and herbal remedies. Continuous collection. Safety reportsconcerning medical devices - collection, analysis...

Appointed Inspectors and Identification (ID) Card Database

The Appointed Inspectors and ID Card Database contains basic information on field officers who are currently appointed and have been issued with ID Cards.

Archival Card Index Of Quarries In England And Wales.

Old card index of quarries in England, Wales and Scotland dating mostly from 1939 to 1963: about 7000 cards, each referring to one quarry. England & Wales cards are arranged by BGS 1-inch (now...

MMO1097 Source noise literature review references and value table for Anthropogenic Sources

This dataset displays the anthropogenic source values used in the modelling of underwater noise (MMO1097).