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1997 - 1999 Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (Cefas) Sublittoral nematode and copepod assemblages from 12 sites around the UK coast from May 1997 to November 1999

Data consists of presense data of nematode worms and copepods in the form of count data. Sampling was conducted from May 1997 to June 1999 in 12 sampling locations, 6 inshore ( ... , ... , ... ,...

Animal rescue incidents attended by London Fire Brigade

This dataset includes an extract setting out the data for London Borough of Barnet, as well as comparative data for Greater London The London Fire Brigade attends a range of non-fire incidents...

LPD18 Green Belt

Local Planning Document 2018 - Greenbelt Dataset (Policy LPD12 - LPD15) 

LPD18 Employment Allocation

Local Planning Document 2018 - Employment Allocation Dataset (Policy LPD71) 

LPD18 Local Centre

Local Planning Document 2018 - Local Centres Dataset (Policy LPD49) 

LPD18 Retention Employment

Local Planning Document 2018 - Retention of Employment Dataset (Policy LPD43) 

GPS Time Series For Corbetti and Aluto Volcano, Main Ethiopian Rift, Ethiopia (NERC grant NE/L013932/1)

This data set contains daily position solutions for GPS stations deployed on Corbetti and Aluto volcano, Ethiopia. The results for Aluto were originally published in "Seasonal patterns of...

LPD18 Protected Open Space

Local Planning Document 2018 - Protected Open Space Dataset (Policy LPD20) 

LPD18 Housing Allocation

Local Planning Document 2018 - Housing Allocation Dataset (Policy LPD64 - LPD70) 

LPD18 Local Green Space

Local Planning Document 2018 - Local Green Space Dataset (Policy LPD22) 

LPD18 Safeguarded Land (Protected)

Local Planning Document 2018 - Safeguarded Land (Protected) Dataset (Policy LPD16) 

Community Safety Partnerships (Dec 2017) Names and Codes in England

This file contains names and codes for community safety partnerships (CSP) in England as at 31 December 2017.  (File Size - 40KB)Field Names - CSP17CD, CSP17NMField Types - Text, TextField Lengths...

LPD18 Arnold Centre Secondary

Local Planning Document 2018 - Arnold Town Centre (Secondary) Dataset (Policy LPD49) 

LPD18 Employment Mixed Use

Local Planning Document 2018 - Employment-led Mixed Use Dataset (Policy LPD71) 

IPN July 2016

The OS Open Carto map service is designed to be used as background mapping providing a seamless map view from small to large scales with a consistent cartographic representation. The sources of...

Regions (Dec 2017) Names and Codes in England

This file contains the names and codes for regions (former GORs) in England as at 31 December 2017.  (File Size - 16 KB)Field Names - RGN17CD, RGN17NM, RGN17NMWField Types - Text, Text, TextField...

Scottish Parliamentary Constituencies (Dec 2017) Names and Codes in Scotland

This file contains the names and codes for the Scottish Parliamentary Constituencies in Scotland as at 31 December 2017.  (File Size - 16 KB)Field Names - SPC17CD, SPC17NMField Types - Text,...

Ostracod carbonate isotope data, Freshwater Pond, Barbuda (NERC grant NE/K00610X/1)

The dataset contains oxygen and carbon isotope measurements from multiple-shell samples of the ostracod Heterocypris punctata, from Core FP2 taken from Freshwater Pond, Barbuda. A chronology for...

Brownfield Register

Peterborough City Council is taking part in a national pilot scheme which aims to provide prospective developers with an up-to-date list of sites that are available for housing development across...

Mixed Water Supply

Mixed water supply areas in Calderdale, saved as a .TAB file in a compressed (zipped) format. These files contains the shape, extent and location of mixed water supplies. Further infromation can...