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1960-1970 Barnes, RSK and Coughlan, J Blackwater Estuary Bottom Fauna Dredge Survey

A number of additions and corrections are made to the Blackwater Estuary fauna list. Distribution patterns revealed by a survey of the benthic fauna of the Blackwater Estuary in May 1970 are...

Bus Lane and Bus Gate Enforcement

This page contains datasets about Cambridgeshire County Council's enforcement of bus lanes and bus gates in Cambridge City.  The datasets contain figures showing the number of Penalty Charge...

Council Acquisitions

Asset Acquisitions from 2012.The data will be updated annually.

LPD18 Arnold Centre Primary

Local Planning Document 2018 - Arnold Town Centre (Primary) Dataset (Policy LPD49) 

Assets of Community Value

The list includes all properties nominated if successful the asset will remain on the list for five years and a land charge will be registered against the property. Additionally Communities will be...

National Travel Survey

Scottish results from the National Travel Survey. Includes long-term trends in the average number/distance of journeys made per person per year and variations in travel patterns with age, sex,...

Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education Longitudinal Survey (2002/03 to 2012/13)

Longitudinal Destinations data provides a rich insight into the employment and study patterns of leavers three and a half years into their careers. The publication includes data about leavers'...


In collaboration with Badley Geoscience, the NSTA is making available Badley’s OCTek-UK products. OCTek-UK provides maps and grids of crustal structure for the UK and adjacent areas, produced by...

Land values

This dataset contains three years of land value estimates for policy appraisal, with residential land value estimates by local authority. It provides an estimate of a ‘typical’ residential site in...

Animal rescue incidents attended by London Fire Brigade

This dataset includes an extract setting out the data for London Borough of Barnet, as well as comparative data for Greater London The London Fire Brigade attends a range of non-fire incidents...

GPS Time Series For Corbetti and Aluto Volcano, Main Ethiopian Rift, Ethiopia (NERC grant NE/L013932/1)

This data set contains daily position solutions for GPS stations deployed on Corbetti and Aluto volcano, Ethiopia. The results for Aluto were originally published in "Seasonal patterns of...

LPD18 Employment Allocation

Local Planning Document 2018 - Employment Allocation Dataset (Policy LPD71) 

LPD18 Green Belt

Local Planning Document 2018 - Greenbelt Dataset (Policy LPD12 - LPD15) 

LPD18 Local Centre

Local Planning Document 2018 - Local Centres Dataset (Policy LPD49) 

LPD18 Retention Employment

Local Planning Document 2018 - Retention of Employment Dataset (Policy LPD43) 

LPD18 Protected Open Space

Local Planning Document 2018 - Protected Open Space Dataset (Policy LPD20) 

LPD18 Housing Allocation

Local Planning Document 2018 - Housing Allocation Dataset (Policy LPD64 - LPD70) 

LPD18 Local Green Space

Local Planning Document 2018 - Local Green Space Dataset (Policy LPD22) 

LPD18 Safeguarded Land (Protected)

Local Planning Document 2018 - Safeguarded Land (Protected) Dataset (Policy LPD16) 

1997 - 1999 Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (Cefas) Sublittoral nematode and copepod assemblages from 12 sites around the UK coast from May 1997 to November 1999

Data consists of presense data of nematode worms and copepods in the form of count data. Sampling was conducted from May 1997 to June 1999 in 12 sampling locations, 6 inshore ( ... , ... , ... ,...