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Crown Prosecution Service Annual Report 2011-2012/Casework Statistics

This is the background CPS caseload data contained in the CPS Annual Report 2011-2012.

Crown Prosecution Service Annual Report 2014-2015 - Casework Statistics

This is the underlying data for casework statistics as included in the Crown Prosecution Service Annual Report, 2014-2015

Crown Prosecution Service Annual Report 2009-2010/Casework Statistics

These files contain CPS casework statistics for the year 2009-2010

Children’s social care data for the Ofsted Annual Report 2017/18

Social care data to accompany the Ofsted Annual Report 2017/18.

Children’s social care data for the Ofsted Annual Report 2016/17

Social care data to accompany the Ofsted Annual Report 2016/17.

CPS Violence against Women crime report 2009-2010 data

This dataset represents the underlying data included in the third annual report by the Crown Prosecution Service into Violence Against Women, 2009-10.

Report a food problem service - Completion rate and cost per transaction

A breakdown showing completion rates and cost per transactions for the Report a food problem service.

Crown Prosecution Service Annual Report 2009-2010 Resource Accounts

An annual publication of the resource accounts of the Crown Prosecution Service as part of the Service's Annual Report.

New House Building

Quarterly time series data on Scottish starts and completions by sector from 1980. Source agency: Scottish Government Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National...

News consumption in the UK

Ohe aim of this series of reports is to inform an understanding of news consumption across the UK, and within each UK nation. The findings are published as part of our range of market research...

Crime in England and Wales: Annual report

Presents the financial year crime statistics from the British Crime Survey and police recorded crime. Source agency: Home Office Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative...

Employment monitoring report - Home Office

The employment monitoring report (EMR) are produced to provide an annual update on how the Home Office is performing against the monitoring of its statutory duties to its employees in accordance...

Roads Service Customer Satisfaction Report

Customers' opinions of the services provided by Roads Service in Northern Ireland. This includes key services such as gritting, road drainage, street lighting, safety measures, provision made for...

Foreign & Commonwealth Office Annual Report

This data relates to FCO Annual Report accounts.

Foreign & Commonwealth Office Sustainability Report

This Report gives details of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office's Annual Sustainability information.

UK Location Metadata Summary Reports

Reports containg summary information about UK Location discovery metadata published on

Diversity Data, SAP Reports and Downloads

Diversity data for all Department for Transport central staff available - Age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, name, location, directorate, etc. Data from System Applications & Products...

Warm Front close out report

This report marks the final year of the Warm Front scheme after more than a decade of providing heating and insulation measures to low income and vulnerable customers across England.

Northern Ireland Labour Market Report

Labour Market Statistics for Northern Ireland (employment, unemployment, earnings). Source agency: Enterprise, Trade and Investment (Northern Ireland) Designation: National Statistics Language:...

UK INSPIRE Monitoring Indicators Report

The UK INSPIRE Monitoring Indicators Report provides information on UK progress towards implementation and use of the INSPIRE infrastructure. It is a statutory requirement for member states to...