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Name Address Postcode Can recycle disposable cup Sells reusable cups Discount or reward for having reusable cup Category Location Last Uploaded
Costa Coffee 203 West End Lane NW6 2LJ Yes Yes 25p off Premises POINT (-0.1913179203904637 51.547839267211394) 29/03/2019 04:18:16 PM
Gail's Bakery 216 West End Lane NW6 1UX No No 20p off Premises POINT (-0.1910812015709683 51.55053339871901) 29/03/2019 04:18:17 PM
Little Waitrose 319 West End Lane NW6 1RN n/a Yes n/a - no disposable cups given out Premises POINT (-0.1927734275815621 51.55150909638935) 29/03/2019 04:18:17 PM
Sanctuary Café St. James Church Sherriff Rd. NW6 2AP No No 30p off Premises POINT (-0.1918129342647089 51.545904494231955) 29/03/2019 04:18:17 PM