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Data on EU new car van sales purchased from POLK

Commercial data on EU new car and van sales

Reliability of journeys on the Highways Agency's motorway and 'A' road network

This release presents provisional information about the reliability of journeys on the startegic road network. Source agency: Transport Designation: National Statistics Language:...

Database of BAC levels in road fatalities

Coroners data. The existing database provides information on the blood alcohol concentrations (BACs) of road traffic accident fatalities.

Continuing Survey of Road Goods Transport (CSRGT)

Domestic data for GB registered Heavy Goods Vehicles, input data includes names and addresses of individuals and companies together with Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM). (120,000 vehicle records,...

Local Authority Traffic Estimates

Traffic estimates by local authority

Road Traffic Statistics

Annual publication providing a detailed breakdown of statistics related to traffic. Source agency: Transport Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Road Traffic...

Civil Parking Enforcement Statistics

provides annual statistics on Civil Parking Enforcement including the number of Penalty Charge Notices issued. This edition has been cancelled as the survey was not conducted this year. Source...

AWARD Evaluation Data Site

Web-based. Holds bidders submissions and the record of our evaluation of the submissions.

Redfern Travel Contract

Information to allow staff of the central Department for Transport to book UK business travel including: names. official address, e-mail address and telephone number.

Linked police and hospital road casualty database

The database links record level data collected by the police(STATS19) and processed by DfT with Hospital Admissions (HES) data. The linking is undertaken by the NHS Information Centre and an...

Concessionary Travel Statistics

This statistical release presents information on Concessionary Travel in England for the last year and forecasts for the current year. The data are derived from the Department’s survey of Travel...

Summary provisional statistics on breath alcohol screening tests England and Wales

The bulletin provides some provisional analysis based on the results of breath alcohol tests administered by police in 2009 at the roadside using recently introduced new digital breath testing...

Ashdown House Hastings Building Access Database

Information collected to monitor staff who require access to Ashdown House Hastings, these include location, division, telephone number, line manager. Personal details include name and car...

Vehicle Licensing Statistics

Annual report providing a range of key statistics relating to licensed vehicles and new vehicle registrations in Great Britain. Source agency: Transport Designation: National...

Road Tolls

Road Tolls

Software Licence Tracker

Details of licensing information for software purchased/held by DfT(Central).

Shared Services Centre (SSC CA)

SSC CA represents the information stored within the Outlook Address Book which contains emails, addresses and telephone numbers for Shared Services Centre staff, DVLA staff and DSA staff.

Vehicle licence data

Vehicle licence data, details of the year of vehicle registration, geographic information about the vehicle keeper and specific details about the vehicle type Source: Department for Transport...

Reliability of journeys on the Highways Agency's motorway and A road network

Monthly release presenting average vehicle delay experienced on the slowest ten per cent of journeys on inter-urban roads in England. Source agency: Transport Designation: National...

Seafarer Statistics

Annual report presenting estimates of the size and major characteristics of the active UK seagoing labour force. Source agency: Transport Designation: National Statistics Language:...