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FCO(S) - Bid Analysis Information

Accommodation & Occupation data

FCO(S) - Space survey, cost data, occupation data

Customer Agreements

FCO(S) - Agreements with customers

Translation and Interpeting Management Information

FCO(S) - Financial and Operational Management Data

Gifts and Hospitality Register

FCO(S) - Register of All Gifts and Hospitality recieved and offered by FCOS staff

Monthly Trading Accounts (MTA)

FCO(S) - Monthly Trading Accounts

Contracts Database

FCO(S) - Details of current contracts/framework agreements

Supplier Database

FCO(S) - Details of suppliers and our spend with them

Internal Audit Documentation and Information

FCO(S) - Internal Audit Reports, Actions etc

Risk Management Documentation and Information

FCO(S) - Corporate and Directorate Risk Registers and Actions

Government Procurement Card (GPC) Expenditure above £500

Government Procurement Card (GPC) Expenditure above £500