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Business Improvement District - Ipswich

Ipswich Central is the company responsible for running the town centre Business Improvement District (BID). The BID allows an additional rate levy to be charged to businesses in a defined...

Ipswich Urban Character Areas

The boundaries represent the edges of defined urban character areas. These are areas with shared physical characteristics which distinguish them from adjoining areas, for example land use,...

Polling districts

Under Section 17 of the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013, the Council is required to carry out a polling district boundary review within the 16 months from 01 October 2013 and...

Cumulative Impact Area

Under the Licensing Act 2003, cumulative impact is the potential impact on the promotion of the licensing objectives of a significant number of licensed premises concentrated in one area, which...

Ipswich Borough Council - Recycling Point

Ipswich has many different sites where you can recycle a variety of items. Data set includes the type of items, you can recycle.

Ipswich Borough Planning Outlines

Outlines of planning applications submitted to Ipswich Borough Planning Development after 1 January 2002.

Ipswich Borough Council - Planning Applications

Planning outlines of the applications from 2002. Great care is taken to ensure that the information given is correct, but we are unable to offer guarantees. Information used is at the user’s risk....

Ipswich Borough Council - Tree Preservation Order

Section 198 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 empowers Local Planning Authorities to make Tree Preservation Orders where it is expedient in the interests of amenity to protect trees in...

Ipswich Borough Parks and Open Spaces

Identified park or open space where the Council will safeguard, protect and enhance biodiversity and the environment by working in partnership with others to ensure that the areas are well...

Ipswich Borough Council - Site Allocation

Identified site which is allocated for development or afforded a degree of protection from development.

Ipswich Borough Council - Local Wildlife Sites

Sites which do not fulfil the criteria for SSSI or CWS status but have a high conservation value. These sites comprise the best examples of different habitats or are important for a particular...

Eco Corridor - Aspirational Links

Corridors which improve connectivity between core areas enabling species to move, feed, disperse, migrate or reproduce

IBC Maintained Trees

Trees within the borough's boundary which are surveyed and maintained by IBC Parks and Open Spaces Team. Data is an extract from Arbotrack - IBC Tree inventory application

Ipswich Borough Council - Existing Playing Field

Existing playing fields which act as stepping stones to improve connectivity between core areas enabling species to move, feed, disperse, migrate or reproduce.

Ipswich Borough Concil - Green Rim Indicative

Indicative area around Ipswich where the Council will seek to work with partners to improve and provide a publicly accessible green rim.

Ipswich Borough Council - Wildlife Audit 100m buffer

100m buffer which surround all Core Areas (except SPA/Ramsar and SSSI) and all Corridors to protect them from adverse impacts and where encouragement will be given to enhancing the corridor...

Ipswich Borough Council - Wildlife Audit 400m Buffer

400m buffer which surround Core Areas Rank 1 and 2 (SPA/Ramsar and SSSI not including CWS) to protect them from adverse impacts.

Ipswich Borough Council - Wildlife Audit Sites

Sites which are identified in the Ipswich Wildlife Audit 2013. Core Area Rank 1-2. High Conservation Value (SPA/Ramsar, SSSI, CWS). Core Area Rank 3-4. Medium Conservation Value, some of which are...

CCTV Camera Locations in Ipswich

CCTV was introduced into Ipswich town centre in 1994. Cameras are monitored from a control room known as the Emergency Services Centre (ESC), which is based in Ipswich Borough Council's...

Ipswih Borough Council - Conservation Areas

There are 15 conservation areas in the Borough, which are designated under the powers given to local authorities by Sections 69 and 70 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act...