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Enviornmental Permit Sites

Under the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010, local authorities must regulate certain types of industry and other activities such as dry cleaners. This is to reduce any...

Strategic Industrial Locations

Strategic Industrial Locations (SILs) are designated in the London Plan comprise Preferred Industrial Locations (PILs) and Industrial Business Parks and exist to ensure that London provides...

Article 4 Land

Article 4 directions remove national permitted development rights meaning that planning permission must be sought, they protect Conservation Areas from unsympathetic alterations

Statutory Safeguarding Zones

HS2 Safeguarding Zone is the area protected from development which would affect the construction or use of HS2.

Town Centre Boundaries

Town Centre Boundaries include the primary shopping areas and areas predominantly occupied by main town centre uses. The Town Centre hierarchy is designated in the London Plan

Social media usage by local government

A list of UK local authorities which are using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Also includes those with RSS feeds, web development blogs and open data.

Parks and open spaces in Brent

KML file of parks and open spaces in the London Borough of Brent. Details include latitude and longitude, title and URL link to further information.

Smoke Control Zones

Smoke Control Orders came into operation pursuant to the Clean Air Act 1956 (both The Clean Air Acts of 1956 and 1968 were replaced by the Clean Air Act 1993). It is an offence for an occupier of...

Various development zones

Growth Areas are designated in the London Plan as specific areas for new residential development to accommodate future population growth, as outlined in the Government’s Sustainable Communities Plan.

Wildlife Corridors

Wildlife Corridors are areas of habitat that allow interconnection between wildlife sites

Wards in Brent

List of wards in the London Borough of Brent. Details include identifier and ward name.

Brent Council news

Latest news stories from Brent Council. Includes title, description, URL and date.

Parking Zones

Controlled Parking Zones for the London Borough of Brent

Contaminated Land Sites

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, Local Authorities have a duty to keep a Contaminated Land Register. This contains the details of land that has been remediated under this legislation....

Air Quality Management Areas

The Government set air quality standards for the protection of health. Under the Environment Act 1995 Brent Council is required to designate Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA) where targets for...

Air Quality Monitoring Stations

Brent Council has a number of air quality monitoring stations around the borough that monitor the levels of certain pollutants. Our stations measure the levels of nitrogen dioxide and particulate...

Brent Council offices

KML file of council offices in the London Borough of Brent. Details include latitude and longitude, office name and URL link to further information.

Open Spaces

Open Spaces are identified for their public value and cover a broad range of typologies of both publicly and privately owned spaces such as parks, outdoor sports facilities, green space, play...

Public toilets in Brent

KML file of public toilets in the London Borough of Brent. Details include latitude and longitude, title and URL link to further information.