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Green Infrastructure

This data shows various habitat groupings including: Allotments; Amenity and Green Corridor; Arable and Pastureland; Calcareous and Neutral Grassland; Cemeteries and Churchyards; Civic and...

Long Distance Trails

This data shows recognised long distance trails and green corridors, primarily for recreational use but also for commuting purposes.

Landscape Policy Zones

This data shows individual Landscape Policy Zones within the Southern Magnesian Limestone and Sherwood Landscape Character Areas

Listed Buildings

Properties registered as a listed building

Tree Preservation Orders

Trees and wooded areas protect under planning and conservation laws by Tree Preservation Orders

Article 4 Land

Article 4 is a way of protecting land through planning procedure that isnt already covered by any other protection such as listed buildings or conservation areas etc.

Parks and Open Space

Overlay of parks and open spaces in the Mansfield District

Recycling Centres

Overlay of recycling and household waste sites across the Mansfield district


Overlay showing all allotments in the Mansfield district

Conservation Areas

Conservation areas within Mansfield District as polygons


Library Locations within Mansfield District as points

CCTV Cameras

CCTV Camera Locations within Mansfield District as points

Smoke Control Areas

Smoke control areas declared under the Clean Air Acts within Mansfield District as polygons.

Car Parks

Overlay showing both council owned and private car parks in the Mansfield District