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Details of Bristol Airport.

Waste Collection

The waste collection of each ward in North Somerset from April - June 2014.

Winter Gritting Routes

North Somerset Council's Winter Gritting Routes

Council land and buildings

Land and buildings owned by North Somerset Council

Speed Limits

Speed limits within North Somerset.

Building Control Applications

Data related to all building control applications.

Common Land and Town or Village Greens.

Details of all common land and town or village greens.

Wildlife sites

Current wildlife sites.

Non-domestic rate current empty property exemptions

National non-domestic rates current empty property exemptions

Non-domestic rates local new businesses

New local businesses subject to business rates for the previous month.

North Somerset Council spend over £250

North Somerset Council spending over £250

Member allowances

Details of Councillor allowances and expense claims.Councillors are not paid a salary or wages, but they are entitled to allowances and expenses to cover some of the costs of carrying out their...

Non-domestic rates all accounts

All non-domestic rates accounts


A complete list of all primary and secondary schools in North Somerset.

North Somerset Brownfield Register

Our brownfield register has been produced in accordance with the Government’s data standard and is available to download at the linked location.

Public toilets

Public toilet facilities in North Somerset

CCTV cameras

The location details of all CCTV cameras.

GP surgeries

Information on all GP surgeries in North Somerset

Parking revenue - excess charges

Parking revenue data on excess charges The data shown on excess charges figures do not reflect the monthly takings in car parks but cash collection and reconciliation.

Car Parking fees Banked

Car parking fee income from April 2011 to present. NB Car parking fee income figures do not reflect the monthly takings in car parks but cash collection and reconciliation.