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Senior salary

Link to statement of accounts which contains details of senior salaries

Recycling facilities

Type and address for all recycling facilities avaliable in North Somerset.


Details of all pharmacies in North Somerset.


This is a link to Constitution document for North Somerset Council.

Bus stops

All bus stops including information on direction of travel.

Youth centres

Details of all youth centres.

Council procurement card transactions

Local Government procurement card transactions.


 Grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations.

Motorcycle Parking

Data on all motorcycle parking.

North Somerset Council land and Buildings

Land and Buildings owned by North Somerset council

Section 52 106

Data set on Section 52 106

Controlled parking spaces

The number of marked out controlled on-street parking spaces are calculated from the combined length of all parking bays recorded on our GIS systems and is an approximation. The number marked out...

Children centres

A list of all data relating to children centres.

Adopted highways

A full list of all highways maintained at public expense.

Council Car Parks

Details of all council owned car parks.

Fire stations

Full details of all the fire stations in North Somerset.

Total staff who are Union representatives

Total number of staff who are Union representatives - absolute number and full time equivalents (FTE)

Trade Unions represented

Names of the Trade Unions represented in North Somerset Council

Railway Stations

Data related to railway stations.

Pay multiple

The pay multiple defined as a ratio and the pay policy document.