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Highway Winter Weather Monitoring Sites

Dataset shows the locations of winter weather prediction and recording stations used by North Yorkshire County Council

Trade Union Facility Time for Hambleton District Council

No description provided

Density of fast food outlets

Density of fast food outlets to population linking high density with areas of high deprivation

Joint Strategic Needs Assesment

No description provided

Commuting Patterns

Commuting Map for Local Authorities, 2011 Census

Land and Asset Information for North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

No description provided

Parking Information for Ryedale District Council

No description provided

Personal well-being estimates

Estimates of personal well-being from the Annual Population Survey (APS) at district level on life satisfaction, feeling worthwhile, feeling happy and feeling anxious.

Road Safety - Reported Road Casualties in North Yorkshire

Statistical releases from 95 Alive, the York & North Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership

Local Landscape Character Areas

Dataset shows Local Landscape Character Areas within the boundaries of North Yorkshire County Council

Job Density

Information The number of jobs in an area divided by the resident population aged 16-64 in that area. For example, a job density of 1.0 would mean that there is one job for every resident aged...

Waste and recycling

Nationally collected statistics on waste and recycling


Disability and limiting long-term illness statistics

Fraud Information for Hambleton District Council

No description provided

Trade Union Facility Time for Ryedale District Council

No description provided

Digital inclusion

Internet usage and digital inclusion statistics

Claimants of Job Seekers Allowance

This animated map allows users to see how the number and distribution of JSA claimants has changed over time. Options allow you to view data for just males or females, those aged 18-24, and those...


Numbers of households including household projections

NHS England Clinical Commissioning Group and Local Authority Information Packs

NHS England's information packs at Local Authority and CCG level that set out key data to inform the local position on outcomes. The Local Authority packs present high-level comparative information...


Location and contact details for North Yorkshire Libraries