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Futures - Veterans Agency Generate A Doc

Details of case enquiries veterans information


Details of overpayment recovery cases relating to war pension & compensation

Debt Management Recoveries and Write Offs Database

Details of debt management, recoveries, write-offs and casework.

Far East Prisoner of War Database

Details of Far East and Nepal Prisoner of War single ex-gratia payments

Fraud Database

Details of fraud referrals relating to war pensions & compensation

Training Matrix Database

Record of information required for staff development and appraisal purposes.

Debt Management Recoveries and Write Offs Databases - Control Journal Accounts

Details of debt management, recoveries, write-offs and casework.

Travel Requests

Details of Veterans Services Local Staff Travel Requests

SPVA Manpower Database

Staff Establishment Details


Financial In Year Management

Monthly Control Account Reconciliations

Control over financial flow of monies

Audit of Pensions in Payment

Audit of Pensions in Payment

Monthly Cash Forecast

Tracking of forecasted costs against actual

Armed Forces Pension Scheme Resource Accounts

Resource Accounts

Rail Warrants Database

Name of staff and war disablement pensioners issued with rail warrants.

Dublin Cash Office Database

Details of overseas expenditure: utility bills, salaries, general expenses

Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre (JCCC) Suite - Armed Forces Memorial Database

Details of all Service Personnel deaths since 1 Jan 48 forming the master record for the Armed Forces Memorial Arboretum.

Miscellaneous Personal Payments

Display Screen Equipment eyesight test records and auditable payments during Financial Years 2009 to 2011

Payments Processing Database

Archive of details of payments to third parties medical and other support to war pensioners

Mobilised Reservists Listing

Personal taxation details for HMRC