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SPVA Manpower Database

Staff Establishment Details

Ex-Far East Prisoner of War Database

Details of Gurkha Far East and Nepal Prisoner of War single ex-gratia payments

Casework Registers

Details of the pension files that have been held in the section for casework to be carried out.

Specialist SHEF Equipment

Details of Veterans Services Local Staff requiring Occupational Health Service-assessed specialist SHEF equipment

Audit of Pensions in Payment

Audit of Pensions in Payment


Details of war pension radiation cases

Fraud Database

Details of fraud referrals relating to war pensions & compensation

Solicitors Enquiry List

Details of claims managed through a solicitors

Criminal Injuries Claims Overseas

Details of overseas criminal injuries claims

Exercises - File Checking and Rank Exercise

Details of claim checks and reviews

Tribunal Decisions

Details of claimant including NINO and amounts award increased.

Civil Procedures Cases

Details of Appeals cases

Indian Seaman Database

Details of war pension claims by widows of Indian Seamen

War Pensions Act 758 Database

Details special report of information relevant to war pension tribunal hearings

Programme Accounting Computer System & Programme Accounting Computer System - Accounts Payable

Details of war pension accounts

Cardbox Minor Schemes, Widows, PAT Despatch, Section Support

Details of cases and data which cannot be stored on other systems, i.e. War Pensions Computer System

War Pensions Computer System

Details of war pension claims, appeals and awards

Futures - Case Enquiries

Details of war pensions case enquiries

Daily Cash Book

Management of Treasury functions and cash flow coherence

EPIC Consoldation

Details to ensure correct financial reconciliation