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Transfer Entries Supporting Information

Details of financial control

Monthly Control Account Reconciliations

Control over financial flow of monies

Monthly Cash Forecast

Tracking of forecasted costs against actual

Longer Separation Allowance Report

Details for reconciliation of accounts

Mobilised Reservists Listing

Personal taxation details for HMRC

Annual Unnotified Termination

Details of Service leavers for HMRC

P60 Databases

Details of historic P60 information

Naval Secretary's Database

Details of RN officers

Vantive Help Desk Incident Management

Details of IT Helpdesk calls requiring resolution


Financial In Year Management

SARTRAK Database Archive

Archive of details of Subject Access Requests

Journals Database

Details of journals posted to Oracle financial system

SARTRAK Database

Details of Subject Access Requests

Respond Database

Archive of details of non-official correspondence.