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Newbottle Village Character Appraisal

Character appraisal and management strategy document for Newbottle Village Conservation Area

Marine Walk Masterplan

Masterplan document for Marine Walk in Sunderland

Land Assets

Information relating to land belonging to the city council.

Holmeside Planning Framework

Development framework document for Holmeside Triangle in Sunderland

Enterprise Zone

This Zone comprises of three sites which are our primary locations for automotive, low carbon vehicles, advanced manufacturing and advanced engineering sectors.

Doxford Masterplan

The purpose of this Masterplan is to ensure that the Local Planning Authority has sufficient information on which to make a decision on the key design principles of the Doxford development and once...

Bishopwearmouth Character Appraisal

Character appraisal and management strategy for Bishopwearmouth Conservation Area


Digitised plans of allotment locations along with supporting information

Castletown Masterplan

Interim supplementary planning document for Castletown Masterplan

Ashbrooke Character Appraisal

Supplementary planning guidance document for Ashbrooke Conservation Area Character Study

Houghton Character Appraisal

Character appraisal and management strategy document for Houghton Conservation Areas

Article 4s

Article 4 Directions can be made in conservation areas by local authorities to control certain alterations to dwellings that would otherwise be automatically granted consent by the Town and Country...

Contaminated Land

Register of sites determined as contaminated

Sunderland Green Belt

This is the greenbelt area in the City of Sunderland (policy CN3)

Sunderland Wildlife Corridors

These are the wildlife corridors in the City of Sunderland (Policy CN23)

Sunderland urban area boundary

This is the boundary of the urban area within Sunderland

Transport Schemes

Digitised pland of proposed major road schemes and information realting to the extents of the scheme


Location of Trees with a order associated to them along with specific information about the tree

Sunderland Ward Boundary 2004

All 25 ward boundaries in Sunderland.

Sunderland Wards 1991

All 25 historic Ward Boundaries as of 1991 in Sunderland.