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Technology Strategy Board Organisation Chart

The organisation structure for the Technology Strategy Board

Technology Strategy Board Transparency Data

Required Transparency Data Salary Bands

Technology Strategy Board Tax Arrangements for Public Sector Appointees

List of posts filled through contracts with individuals other than employment

Technology Strategy Board Board Members Declared Interests

Board Memeber Register of Interests

Parliamentary Questions Register

A list of questions raised by MPs on the Technology Strategy Board (TSB). This identifies the MP making the question, the question asked and the workflow event dates in the creation of responses...


List of individuals and organisations with which Technology Strategy Board (TSB) has communication

Personnel Records

The personnel dataset covers records on individual's absences, positions, training and grading.

Budgeted spend for TSB financial year

Forecasted expenditure by theme within the delivery plan for the financial year

Tax arrangements for public sector appointees

List of posts filled through contracts with individuals other than employment.

TSB Board members declared interests

Register of Technology Strategy Board (TSB) Board Members declared interests

Register of gifts and hospitality personnel

Register of gifts and hospitality provided to Board members and senior personnel

Applications for Grants

List of the applications for funding. Competitions are the principal vehicle for work of the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) in allocation of grants. Applications are made by individuals and...

Suppliers and payments

List of suppliers from which Technology Strategy Board (TSB) purchase goods and services and values of payments made

Travel bookings

The travel bookings lists the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) staff requirements for public transport and accommodation.

Transparency Data

Senior salaries and divisional staff salary bands

Community networks

Community networks comprises a list and descriptions of the various groups and sub-groups to which organisations and individuals can subscribe

FOI and Subject Access Requests

List of requests for information and subject access requests. This covers the subject and workflow event dates in responding to the requests

Planned and past events

Details of events of interest to organisations and individuals in the TSB technology areas. Descriptions, locations and timing of events that are relevant to the TSB community. The events may be...

Web site registrations

The names, interests and contact details of organisations and individuals who have registered on the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) web sites.


The list of formal complaints received and their resolution process.