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Historical European Arrest Warrants statistics: Calendar and Financial year totals 2004 onwards

European Arrest Warrant statistics The European Arrest Warrant (EAW) is a mechanism by which EU member states can request the return of individuals who are believed to be in another EU member...

Crown Prosecution Service Conditional Cautioning data Quarter 2 2014-15

These data give rates of conditional cautions issued by the Crown Prosecution Service, along with other details about the defendants and compliance rates

British Transport Police Crimes Recorded 2012

British Transport Police recorded crime and antisocial behaviour incidents data as used on the British Transport Police crime mapping website. Rail stations that are policed by British...

European Arrest Warrant data

Information on warrants issued by European Union member states in the period 2009-2013.

Re-offending of Adults crime statistics

From the Police National Computer. First published from PNC in 2005; latest publication in May 2009.

Crime in England and Wales: Supplementary Volume 3

Reports on additional analysis of crime data not included in the main 'Crime in England and Wales' publication. Source agency: Home Office Designation: Official Statistics not designated as...


Case management system for immigration, asylum and bail appeal tribunals. Details include name, sex, date of birth and address of defendant, case type, personal details of third parties involved,...

Local crime and justice ASBO tool underlying data

ASBO CDRP survey full dataset October 2003 to March 2009

Tribunal Service annual statistics publication

Annual report on Tribunal performance statistics including volumetrics and performance indicators. Source agency: Justice Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National...

NI 195b - Improved street and environmental cleanliness - levels of graffiti

The indicator is reported as four parts for each element of environmental and street cleanliness (1.) Litter, (2.) Detritus, (3.) Fly-posting, and (4.) Graffiti.

An estimate of youth crime in England and Wales: Police recorded crime committed by young people in 2009/10

An estimate of the proportion and number of police recorded crimes committed by young people aged 10 to 17 in 2009/10. The approach used was to apply data on proven offending from the Police...

Motoring offences and breath test statistics

Number of motoring offences and breath tests dealt with by the police. Details are provided of both the offence and action taken. Statistics are also included on penalty charge notices issued by...

NI 184 - Food establishments in the area which are broadly compliant with food hygiene law

The percentage of food establishments within the local authority area which are broadly compliant with food law. Broadly Compliant is an outcome measure which the FSA has developed, with local...

Crime in England and Wales: Annual report

Presents the financial year crime statistics from the British Crime Survey and police recorded crime. Source agency: Home Office Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative...

Proven Re-offending statistics

Key statistics on proven reoffending in England and Wales. It gives proven reoffending figures for offenders who were released from custody, received a non-custodial conviction at court, or...

Driver Offender Retraining Scheme

System to support the use of driver retraining courses as an alternative to a penalty notice or prosecution.

NI 043 - Young people within the Youth Justice System receiving a conviction in court who are sentenced to custody.

Young people are those aged 10-17. The young offenders cohort is established during the period January to March and includes all those receiving a pre-court disposal (reprimand or final warning)...

Pre- or post-release probation supervision, by ethnic group

Percentage of persons starting pre- or post-release supervision by the Probation Service, by ethnic group and area Source: Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Publisher: Ministry of Justice Geographies:...

NI 020 - Assault with injury crime rate

The rate of Actual Bodily Harm (assault with injury) crimes per 1,000 population.

Cost per passenger processed at the border

Total costs attributed to processing passengers at the border, the number of passengers processed and the cost of each passenger processed at the border from 2010-11 onwards for each financial...