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Types of court

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Case management system for immigration, asylum and bail appeal tribunals. Details include name, sex, date of birth and address of defendant, case type, personal details of third parties involved,...

Adult sentencing outcomes

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Database used by the Youth Justice Board placement service to record custodial orders (e.g. hearing date, Court name, custodial Order type) and placement results.It is used to record sentence...


The NADC is the national ANPR data centre for the collection of Automatic Number Plate Recognition data from Force ANPR back office facilities

Care Monitoring System (Care and Supervision Cases in Family Courts)

A case progression monitoring tool containing details of cases going through the family courts relating to care and supervision applications. Details include: court the case is being held...

Royal Courts of Justice and Rolls building daily court lists

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Possession Claim Online

Case management system for claims made through Possession Claim online. Details include personal details of individuals and parties involved, details of items, dwellings, (such as houses, flats) in...

CCR and CCLF (Legal aid billing for Crown Court Cases)

Billing system for Crown Court cases containing personal and financial details of claimant and providers.(contracted providers of legal services)

MAAT (Means assesment tools in Magistrates and Crown Court Cases)

Crime legal aid application containing client personal and financial details, means assessment details, such as Magistrates Means Assessment & , Crown Court Means Assessment, Benefit Status...

FamilyMan (Family Courts Case management system)

Case management system for family court cases. Details include name: sex and address of applicant; children's date of birth if applicable, names of respondants, details of solicitors if...

Prison locations

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Dangerous Persons Database

UK-wide system used to store and share information and intelligence on those individuals who have been identified as posing a risk of serious harm to the public.

Phoenix (MoJ HR Record Database)

Database containing personal details of all MoJ staff, such as name, age, address and bank account details. Also includes performance ratings and professional accreditation markings where applicable.

CaseMan (County Court Case management system)

Case management system for county court cases. Details include name, sex and address of applicant, children's date of birth if applicable, names of respondants, details of solicitors if...

i-grasp (MoJ Recruitment Database)

Recruitment database containing details of those applying for jobs in the Ministry of Justice. This database also includes details of those involved in the interviewing process where applicable.

Police station locations

Location and contact deails for police stations on

Libra (Magistrates Court Case management system)

Extract of Data MoJ receives that is used to generate statistics and reports. This extract holds data from the Magistrates Court case management system that contains personal details of the...


Ident1 provides the United Kingdom's central national service for holding, searching and comparing biometric information on those who come into contact with the police as detainees after being...

Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) Performance Database

An intranet system that pulls together a cross section of data from a number of the case management systems used at all the different Courts and Tribunals across England and Wales; Aria,...