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North Rona Annex I habitat map

The aim of the survey was to map the seabed environment around North Rona. The survey will form the baseline for future management of the area to determine the scope and nature of any...

Business Continuity plan

Business Continuity plan to be facilitated in the event of an emergency.

Business continuity plans

Yorkshire and Humber Relationship Team Business continuity plans

Business Continuity Documents

FCO(S) - BCP Plans, Contact Details, Strategy Documents etc

Atlas i-Procurement

To allow approved requisitioners to raise requests to Purchase and create receipts for purchase orders

Annex I reef map from Haig Fras

Annex I reef map from Haig Fras SCI/cSAC survey. The primary aim was to conduct a bathymetric survey to map the extent of the Annex I reef habitat and to collect ground truth data from...

Annex I Reefs in UK offshore waters (Public)

This dataset contains shapefiles that show the potential and high confidence mapped extents of Annex I habitat 'Reef' in UK offshore waters. Annex I reefs occur where rocky areas or concretions...

Continuous Air Quality Monitoring Stations

Monitoring stations maintained by Shropshire Council to monitor local air quality levels

MMO1097 Modelled Mapping of Continuous Underwater Noise Generated By Activities

Data outputs from MMO 1097 Modelled Mapping of Continuous Underwater Noise Generated by Activities project. The aim of this project is to produce indicative data for mapping the distribution of...

2007 Natural England Lizard Annex I habitat survey

Survey name: 2007 Natural England Lizard Annex I habitat survey This is a collation of surveys to gather data and evidence from a variety of marine environments. The survey purposes vary and...

Haig Fras habitat map - EUNIS and Annex I Reef

The result of a multidisciplinary field survey of the Haig Fras SAC which was initiated in January and completed during March/April 2011. The current study was initiated to investigate the extent...

EUNIS ANNEX I habitat map for Bassurelle Sandbank SCI

EUNIS ANNEX I habitat map for Bassurelle Sandbank SCI (CEND 03/13). An ArcGIS polygon shapefile of the potential extent of Annex I sandbank habitat identified at Bassurelle Sandbank SCI was...

Incidence of healthcare-associated infection - MRSA (NHSOF 5.2.i)

The number of Meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bloodstream infections reported to Public Health England (PHE). Purpose This indicator aims to measure the progress in reducing the...

Estimated diagnosis rate for people with dementia (NHSOF 2.6.i)

This indicator measures the number of people that have been diagnosed with dementia as a proportion of the number who are estimated to have the condition. Purpose This indicator aims to capture...

Solan Bank Annex I habitat map (translated to EUNIS)

Annex I habitat map created from data collected on the CEND 11/08 survey to Solan Bank - subsequently translated to EUNIS. Sublittoral sediments defined using acoustic and groundtruth data. Survey...

Business Continuity Plans repository

Business Continuity Plans repository

Continuous Household Survey Bulletin

The Bulletin provides summary information as well as some trend data from previous years. It includes information on - smoking, household composition, debt, internet access, health, sport and...

JO Business Continuity Plans

Emergency procedures in case of major incident in the workplace

Local Air Quality Monitoring - Continuous Assessment

Air quality monitoring stations that continuously monitor NO2 within the LAQM area.

Experience of the Arts in Northern Ireland: Findings from the Continuous Household Survey 2008/09

Continuous Household Survey 2008/09 - Arts Source agency: Culture, Arts and Leisure (Northern Ireland) Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National Statistics Language:...