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Individual Savings Accounts Detailed Tables 9.7 to 9.12

Provides information on the distributions of savings in Individual Savings Accounts (ISA) by income, age, gender and region Source agency: HM Revenue and Customs Designation: National...

Revenue-based Taxes and Benefits: Individual Savings Accounts

Provides general information on all HMRC taxes, including tax receipts, the number of taxpayers, personal tax credits, child benefit and estimates of the cost of tax expenditures and structural...

Agreed International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) Implementation Plan

FCO plan to reach IATI standard for publication of Official Development Assistance Data

CCR and CCLF (Legal aid billing for Crown Court Cases)

Billing system for Crown Court cases containing personal and financial details of claimant and providers.(contracted providers of legal services)

CCMS (Legal Aid Work and Civil Representation means & merits)

System enabling applications for certificated civil legal aid to be applied for online by providers (legal aid solicitors). Processed by Legal Aid Agency staff and for the management and payments...

CIS (Legal Aid Work and Civil Representation means & merits)

Contains client information in both crime and civil cases, personal details, providers of legal services details, details of fees, appeal case information. Holds Legal Aid Work relating to Civil...

Individual Music education hubs

Here you can find data on each of the Arts Council's Music education hubs. Information includes the address, name and type of every school within reach of a Music education hub.

Habitat Networks (Individual) (England)

The habitat network maps seek to apply the best evidence and principles and to use the best available nationally consistent spatial data. The habitat network maps are developed around 4 distinct...

Reservoir Flood Extents (Individual)

The data consists of separate packages of data for each large raised reservoir showing the flood extents for two scenarios; a “dry-day” and “wet-day”. The dry day scenario shows the flood extent...

Individual Income Series Reports (Northern Ireland)

Information on weekly incomes by family type, source of income, age, marital status, and employment status. Source agency: Social Development (Northern Ireland) Designation: National...

Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) outcome statistics

Presents statistics on IVA outcomes - completions, failures and ongoing cases - since their introduction in England and Wales Source agency: Business, Innovation and Skills Designation: Official...

Individual TPO zones

Polygon dataset of Southwark Council’s tree preservation order zones showing the ‘individual’ category

TPO Individual Trees

This data, showing the positions of individual trees which are protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) made by West Lindsey District Council, is indicative only. A Tree Preservation Order...

Individual Electoral Registration: Confirmation Dry Run Data

Data details the results of the confirmation dry run (CDR), a test of the confirmation process which will be the first step in transition to Individual Electoral Registration. The full evaluation...

Aggregate spend with individual suppliers via GPS Frameworks

A ranking of how much business is being transacted with suppliers across government via GPS Frameworks

Index of the UK population of wild birds - Individual species indices

UK wild bird populations is now available from here: Index of the UK population of wild birds - Individual species indices

Winter Fuel Payments made to individuals living in EEA countries

Statistics on Winter Fuel Payments made to customers (who qualified before leaving the UK) living in European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland by country. Data from 2002/3 to 2009/2010 will...

Individual Tree Preservation Orders

A Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is an order made by a local planning authority in respect of trees or woodlands. The principal effect of a TPO is to prohibit the: cutting down, uprooting, topping,...

Tree Preservations Orders - Individual

Location of individual protected trees in Milton Keynes

TPOs Individual Open Data

Tree preservation orders on individual trees