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Household estimates and projections

Household projections are trend-based and indicate the number of additional households that would form if recent demographic trends continue.

Family Intervention Projects

Monitoring and Evaluation of Family Intervention Projects Source agency: Education Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National Statistics Language: English Alternative title:...

Projections of Households in England

Indicates the number of additional households that would form if demographic trends continued. They will take into account 2011 Census information where possible. Note:The date for this release...

Projections of Households in England

National statistics on the projected number of households in England and its regions to 2033. The figures in this release are based on the 2008-based population projections and replace the...

Household estimates and Projections

Household estimates and projections, by household type, by age of household reference person, for older people, components of household growth, variant household projections

Prison population projections

Presents projected monthly prison population in England and Wales for the next six years. Sub-population (such as gender) estimates are presented alongside the effects of legislation, sentencing...

Pension Forecasting Project

This Pension Forecasting data provides monthly volumes of the number of pension forecasts relating to the State Pension (SP) Forecasts services provided by DWP. It also provides the number of...

Government Major Projects

Performance data on all DWP major government ICT projects over £1 million pounds.

2011, Osiris Projects, Lincs Offshore Wind Farm, Pre-Construction Acoustic Survey

Osiris Projects were commissioned by MT Højgaard in January 2011, to carry out a pre-construction geophysical survey at the proposed Lincs offshore wind farm site, which lies approximately 8 - 12km...

2005, Osiris Projects, Barrow Offshore Wind Farm, Pre-Construction Geophysical Survey

On the instructions of RSKENSR Environment Limited, Osiris Projects were commissioned to carry out a pre-construction survey covering the proposed Barrow Offshore Wind Farm development site and...

2008, Osiris Projects, Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm, Post-Construction Survey

Osiris Projects were commissioned by DONG Energy to carry out a detailed hydrographic and geophysical survey at the Burbo Bank offshore wind farm development, together with an associated cable...

Woodfuel East Rural Development Programme Project Dataset

Includes details of grants, applicants, grant awards, grant claims, jobs created, green tonnes of timber. Dataset still being updated at July 2013

South West England Ward Forester Project Areas

The Ward Forester project is jointly funded by Devon County Council (DCC) and the Forestry Commission (FC) and is designed as a pilot to meet the need to bring woodland into management, engaging...

Grow With Wyre Woodland Improvement Grant Project Area

The dataset boundary allowed targeting of English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS) Woodland Improvement Grant (WIG) within the scheme area in the West Midlands Region as part of the 2008 - 2011 EWGS...

Project Register

GBCC - Supplier contracts

Project Register

GBCC - Supplier contracts

Construction Statistics

This report brings together under one cover a wide range of statistics that are currently available on the construction industry. It gives a broad perspective of statistical trends in the...

Prison Population Projections (NS)

Prison population projections

Central Health and Safety Project

This is the legacy system used to capture Health and Safety events within the MoD. It was run by DASA and has now been replaced by ISIS. The data is maintained as an archive by DASA for Statistical...

Operational project delivery plans

Project plans that are used to help deliver the work of the Procurement Policy & Capability Team