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Construction Industry Return (CIR)

Returns for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). Updated: weekly. Data coverage: 2007/08, 2009/10, 2008/09

Construction Industry Return (CIR)

Returns for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). Updated: weekly. Data coverage: 2007/08, 2009/10, 2008/09

Government construction pipeline

The August 2015 Government Construction Pipeline is a forward look of government-funded construction projects as at April 2015 and includes approximately £118bn of investment to 2020 and beyond....

Construction and Demolition Waste management

Construction and Demolition Waste management

Govt construction strategy performance data

The government has been publishing cost data since 2012 in order to understand the cost of government construction, to drive down costs and to deliver 15 to 20% savings by the end of this...

Improvements to the Construction Price Indices and impacts

This article reports on work to develop and test improvements to the methodology and reporting of the construction price and cost indices. Source agency: Business, Innovation and...

Price Adjustment Formulae for Construction Contracts

Used in conjunction with the formulae price adjustment method of adjusting building and civil and specialist engineering contracts. These statistics are now produced by BCIS and can be found on...

Govt construction strategy compliance data

Departmental questionaire to monitor compliance to Government Construction Strategy

Indices of construction costs - wages and material prices

This dataset contains the indices of UK hourly Construction Wage Costs (quarterly; not seasonally adjusted; 2000 = 100) and UK Construction Material Prices for New Housing, Other New Work, Repair...

Govt construction strategy elemental cost data

Elemental Cost data that will allow cost modelling and whole life costs to be measured and monitored

Govt construction strategy strategic supplier data

Strategic supplier performance data to allow continuous improvement across government projects

Sustainable construction in practice

Leeds City Council worked with the University of Leeds to update the case studies in its sustainable design & construction document [Building for Tomorrow...

Leeds housing construction

The virtual survey dataset is an experimental snapshot of basic building parameters consisting of:- * Age Band * Property Type * Built Form * System /Construction Type * Main Wall...

Construction Statistics

This report brings together under one cover a wide range of statistics that are currently available on the construction industry. It gives a broad perspective of statistical trends in the...

Value of orders for new housing construction, Great Britain

This dataset contains a short-term measure of output by the private sector and public corporations in the construction industry in Great Britain, including quarterly data. Values are given in...

Construction Notifications. Form 10 (F10) Database

The F10 Database contains details of planned construction projects, provided to HSE by Construction Design Management co-ordinators on those projects. The types of projects that must notify HSE...

Output in the Construction Industry

Construction output is a monthly estimate of the output of the construction industry in both the private and public sectors. The estimates are a key component of Gross Domestic Product. Source...

Govt Major projects Project Leadership

GMPP Project Leaders (SROs and Project Directors).

Project scores for DFID development projects

Internal project scoring of project performance

Housing monitoring under construction 2014

The purpose of this feature is to show the location of Housing Monitoring land that is under construction.