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Contact Databases

Staff details including addresses and telephone numbers

Exportability Database

Database recording details of claims for Carers Allowance for people moving or living abroad to an EU country, arriving from an EU country or in receipt of a pension from an EU country. The...

Deletions Database

Customer level data - this is a list of cases (customer names and National Insurance Numbers) that have been deleted due to exceptions with in the Debt Manager process. Location: GB wide data Time...

CEA Database

CEA details on military personnel who have children in boarding school.

Bikeability Database

Numbers of pupils trained in Bikeability to school level as well as many other attributes including Bikeability scheme registration.

AFCDT Database

The AFCDT Database contains records of the service No, name, rank, DOB,unit and drug test history for all members of the Armed Forces. The database affords a audiatble data tracking tool to...

Casework Database

All current and 12 months historic complaints and; grievances in a log. Records will not exceed 1000.

Accommodation Database

A register of accommodation bookings at RN Air Station Culdrose

Deaths database

A system to record all armed forces deaths

Payroll Database

Payroll reports & financial modelling tools based on the payroll reports. To model annual pay award proposals and other pay related issues. To calculate pay award increases for staff.

Custody Database

Case management system for Custody hearings and reviews

Honours Database

Record of all nominees for Honour awards since BD09

SSI database

Data relating to fire safety inspections of Crown premises and to fire incidents

UBRS database

Microsoft Access Database for recording formal and informal complaints

Jamaica Database

Details of applicants who applied through a Jamaican OPT in 2008. Used in reference to applicant enquiries.

Fiji Database

Database of Fijian applicants who applied to join the Army through one of the Fiji OPTs in 2008.

HR Database

HMS KENT - HR Database is an access database used by to co-ordinate all manpower requirements such as joining letter, bunk spaces etc.

Event Database

Contact list kept for social purposes.Invited guests linked to specific events in the Regional calender.

Allowance Database

Persdonal Files - HMS DUNCAN Records the allowances being received by Ship's Company iot confirm accuracy

SHARP Database

Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme (SHARP) - Database of e-mail contacts who have requested regular safety information from DfT