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Details of contracts over £10,000

As part of its commitment to transparency, the Department for Exiting the European Union publishes regular data on its departmental spending, including contracts. These figures exclude VAT.

Details of contracts over £10,000

As part of its commitment to transparency, the Department for Exiting the European Union publishes regular data on its departmental spending, including contracts.

Long-term multisite Scots pine single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotypes and phenotypes for marker-trait association analysis

This dataset contains data pertaining to the phenotypes (height and budburst) and genotypes (via SNP array) for a subset of trees from a long term multi-site Scots pine experimental trial. Full...

Investment and Contract Readiness Fund ? award details

List of all providers that have received funding from the ICRF, award values and provider applications.

JNCC Seabirds at Sea data: Effort related seabird observation data collected from boats, to ESAS methodology

Raw effort related seabird at sea observation data collected using the 'ESAS' method by JNCC from boats, pertaining to seabirds and cetaceans at sea. Additional information is provided in the...

Geochemical and petrological data pertaining to the eruptive deposits of 1883 caldera-forming eruption of Krakatau (NERC grants NE/L002612/1, NE/N014286/1, NE/T002026/1)

Geochemical data has been collected on samples from new exposures of the 1883 deposits, revealed by the 2018 tsunamigenic flank collapse of Anak Krakatau, which provides improved stratigraphic...

The National Archives - Spend over £10,000

Details of supplier payments for individual invoices exceeding £10,000 are shown here. These details are updated monthly.

Local Growth Policy and Delivery Unit Stakeholder Contact Details

An on-going record of stakeholders for Local Growth and general details and contacts for them. This is primarily used to inform requests for visits by ministers and briefing.

HambletonDC Hedgerow Planning Applications

Polygons representing planning applications pertaining to Hedgerows in the Hambleton District REFVAL - Planning application Number DCSTAT - Status of the application - PER - Permitted REF -...

National Forest Estate Forest Plans England 2016

This dataset shows some details of the Forest Plans, in particular their names and approval status. Details on the content of the plans will be published separately with further guidance material...

UK Overseas Trade Statistics

This publication provides details of the overseas trade in goods statistics (OTS) of the United Kingdom (UK) which are published as National Statistics by HM Revenue and Customs. The OTS are a...

OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer

OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer is Britain’s most comprehensive greenspace dataset covering urban areas across England, Scotland and Wales. A detailed dataset of the natural environment, including...

Simulated soil moisture data at different soil depths from lysimeter experiments in Ningbo, China [2017]

This data pertains to simulations carried for 90 days for a 100 cm deep lysimeter planted with rice plant in Ningbo, China. The diameter of the lysimeter was 80 cm. The boundary conditions for the...

Apprenticeship Statistics for London

This page presents analysis and data related to skills and employment in London Note on data sources and interpretation: * The analysis is not intended to be comprehensive or exhaustive. It...

HM Revenue & Customs officials' meetings with tobacco stakeholders

Details of HMRC officials' meetings with tobacco stakeholders.

Staff temporary promotions

Details of staff on temporary promotion. Updated: annually.

Staff permanent promotions

Details of staff permanently promoted. Updated: annually.

National Archives - Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap Details - The National Archives

Staff Sickness Absence Reports

Details of rolling 12 months and monthly sickness absence.

Staff joiners and leavers data

Staffing details for joiners and leavers in HMRC. Updated: annually.