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Plant Health Database

Microsoft Access database holding data 2010-date pertaining to sites investigated or under investigation for various diseases

Controlled Work Administration (Database of legal aid work)

Contains claim details, as submitted by a provider, including: client details, profit and disbursement costs and category of Law. The database also contains contract & schedule information and...


GGVS is an application to register all vehicle Information and the production of legal certification pertaining to the inspection of dangerous goods vehicles and private vehicles over 3.5 tonne.

Offshore Environmental Inspectorate Investigation Tracking Spreadsheet

Excel spreadsheet containing information pertaining to investigations undertaken by the Offshore Environmental Inspectorate team relating to incidents occuring within the UKCS Offshore Oil &...

Commercial and industrial waste arisings

A new single record created on DGUK for commercial and industrial waste arisings - to amalgamate all resources on that particular subject area and to maintain data pertaining to unique temporal...

Account Deletion and Leavers Records

Data pertaining to employees IT accounts i.e. names, asset number…..

Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service Information Technology Particular Needs

Data pertaining to specialist IT equipment supplied to Cafcass employees that constitutes a reasonable adjustment

Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service Mobile Usage

Data pertaining to use of mobile phone and broadband devices by employees and internet usage by employees.

GP Extended Opening Hours

Provides information pertaining to the Governments key priorities for improving routine access to GP services in evenings and at weekends. Source agency: Health Designation: Official Statistics...

Personal Details

Records of name, Emergency contacts, date of birth, gender, ethnicity, home address, phone number, marital status, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, disability

Major Road Network

OS Open Roads Shapefile containing links pertaining to the Major Road Network, as created by the Department for Transport in 2018. See this dataset in an [Interactive...

Cartographic Rail Detail

A cartographic representation of a Railway Rail or Railway Buffer (part of the remaining cartographic legacy of our data products).

Gateshead mine water heat living laboratory

This data is a collection of data from sensors deployed as part of the Gateshead Living Lab, pertaining to mine water level, mine water chemistry, mine water temperature, pore water pressures and...

HMRC Buildings Property Details

Address and STEPS (Strategic Transfer of the Estate to the Private Sector) codes for all HMRC buildings. Updated: ad hoc.

HMRC Buildings Property Details

Address and STEPS (Strategic Transfer of the Estate to the Private Sector) codes for all HMRC STEPS buildings. Updated: ad hoc.

OS Detailed Path Network

OS Detailed Path Network is a fully-connected, heighted path network covering Britain’s National Parks. Create off-road navigation apps, build exciting navigation websites and apps that help your...

Commissioning Support Units

Commissioning Support Units (CSU) Contains: Ecsu.csv contains parent CSUs and Data Management and Integration Centres (DMIC). DMICs will collate commissioning intelligence pertaining to...

Monthly Overseas Trade Statistics datasets and importers details

These are downloadable open format versions of the complete monthly Overseas Trade Statistics (OTS) and Importers Details datasets, with a 6 year archive of past data. They are published by HM...

Individual Savings Accounts Detailed Tables 9.7 to 9.12

Provides information on the distributions of savings in Individual Savings Accounts (ISA) by income, age, gender and region Source agency: HM Revenue and Customs Designation: National...

Process performance indexed evaluation of ILs for CO2 capture.

UKCCSRC Call 2 Project C2-199. Datasheet providing detailed stream information pertaining to an Ionic Liquids (IL)-based CCS process. This data arises from a process model developed at Imperial...