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Historic service complaints

Table showing number of service complaints each approved regulator received during the three year period ending 31 December 2009 used to calculate regulators' shares of annual Office for Legal...

Prosecution & Legal Service (PLS)

Case management database system. Details of prosecution cases taken and results

Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service Legal Help Line

Data on numbers of telephone calls and nature of query on the telephone duty line

Location of publicly funded legal services

Grid referenced location of publicly funded legal services Source: Legal Services Commission and ONS Access to Services Team Publisher: Neighbourhood Statistics Geographies: Grid...

YDNPA Occupancy restrictions and legal agreements

Occupancy is sometimes restricted by means of a planning condition or by a legal agreement. This is an established and valuable mechanism for securing planning matters arising from a development...

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) Forest Legal Boundary

This layer shows the external legal boundaries of land within Natural Resources Wales (NRW) Forestry ownership. It does not show the internal deed boundaries. It has been designed to: -...

National Forest Estate Legal Boundary Scotland 2019

This dataset is a product of the Land Transaction layer within ForesterWeb used for maintaining estate transactions in Scotland. Legal boundary relates to the estate extent held in ForesterWeb,...

National Forest Estate Legal Boundary GB 2017

Legal Boundaries This layer shows the external legal boundaries of land within FC ownership. It does not show the internal deed boundaries. Each polygon has one primary attribute: FORESTDIST :...

Domestic Forestry

Information relating to Office of the Commissioners for Public Appointments (OCPA) files, Chair/CEO appraisals (Restricted: staff), Legal advice (Legal advice) and (Restricted: Public Bodies Reform...


British Forces Liaison Organisation Germany Training Legal BFLOG. The Legal Database is in place to ascertain an overview of non criminal outstanding debts in BFG.

AddressBase Core

In this ever-changing environment you need to have confidence that you're using the latest and most up-to-date addressing data. AddressBase Core is released weekly, keeping you more up to date with...

Ceremonial County

A ceremonial county is an area that has an appointed Lord Lieutenant and High Sheriff and is used for ceremonial purposes in relation to the monarchy. These areas are referred to as ceremonial...

Index of Exempted Dogs

To record details of legally held prohibited type dogs in the UK

Workstation Assessment Records

Data on individual workstation needs and use, in order to meet legal requirements for reasonable adjustments

Ringtail operated by Nabarro

Document management system for knee litigation disclosure. Access allowed to plaintiffs legal representatives

Import Duty Waiver (IDW) database

The IDW database is required for an annual return to HMRC to meet UK Gov’s legal obligations under EC 150/2003


GGVS is an application to register all vehicle Information and the production of legal certification pertaining to the inspection of dangerous goods vehicles and private vehicles over 3.5 tonne.

National Forest Estate Statutory Boundary for Forest of Dean

The Statutory Forest of Dean has existed since Norman times. Originally an area reserved for the King and his chosen few to hunt within, the Statutory Forest became defined as an area where the...

MAAT (Means assesment tools in Magistrates and Crown Court Cases)

Crime legal aid application containing client personal and financial details, means assessment details, such as Magistrates Means Assessment & , Crown Court Means Assessment, Benefit Status...

Statutory duties placed on local government

Local authorities are bound by statute. Their functions are set out in numerous Acts of Parliament and many of these functions have associated legal duties. At no point in recent history has there...