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NI 021 - Dealing with local concerns about anti-social behaviour and crime by the local council and police

Percentage of respondents that agree police and LAs are dealing with anti-social behaviour and crime in the local area.

Government Major Projects Portfolio Senior Responsible Owners

The government is committed to publishing lists of the SROs for projects on the GMPP. To address this commitment the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) publishes lists of the SROs...

Number of quarterly major residential planning decisions granted

Planning authorities' planning applications and decisions, type of authority, speed of decision, type and size of development, enforcement action, regulation 3 and 4 consents, applications for...

Number of annual major residential planning decisions granted

Number of annual major residential planning decisions granted.

Government Major Projects data for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

As part of the transparency policy for publication of major projects data the Major Projects Authority (MPA) has published its first Annual Report. It includes a set of combined data of the...

Government Major Projects Portfolio data for the Home Office

Publication of Home Office Major Projects Portfolio (GMPP) data as part of the Major Projects Authority (MPA) annual report. This includes the MPA RAG rating, departmental narrative, key project...

Major Town Centres

Shows major town centres in Hackney part of Local Development Framework evidence base.

Major Transport Schemes

Dataset shows selected proposed significant highways schemes within the boundaries of and the responsibility of North Yorkshire County Council

Major Town Centes

Major town centre (MTC) polygons mapped as part of the Authority’s Local Development Framework

Major Development Opportunities

showing boundaries of Major Development Opportunity areas in the borough, as listed in Lambeth Planning's Core Strategy

Major Development Sites

Major Development Sites in York. For further information about major development sites please visit the [City of York Council website]( *Please note...

Major Hazard Sites

Sites registered as Hazardous Information relating to Hazardous Substance Consent Applications. These are submitted by Hazardous Substance Authorities, and the dataset used to track the progress of...

Major Highway Schemes

Areas showing major work carried out for Highways and Drainage improvments.

Major Towns and Cities

Digital vector boundaries for Major Towns and Cities in England and Wales in 2015. The Major Towns and Cities (TCITY) statistical geography provides a precise definition of the major towns and...

Major Centre Boundaries

showing boundaries of Town Centres as defined in the London Plan and lambeth's Core Strategy;  these are the larger shopping areas such as west norwood or clapham.

Court actions concerning housing across England from 1999-2015

Data from the Ministry of Justice titled "Mortgage and Landlord Possession Statistics" which is published in zipped format, presented here in excel and csv format to help make it as useful and...

Creyke Beck Birds of Conservation Concern Observed Birds

Birds of Conservation Concern - static birds, these refer to the Autumn, Winter and Breeding bird survey data collected at Creyke Beck for species deemed to be of significance in relation to the...

Hackney Major Town Centres

Major Town Centres in Hackney. Created over OS MasterMap data. Boundaries have been created in accordance with planning policies which we will use, together with the London plan, the core strategy...

Major Projects Highlight Reports

Monthly highlight reports for major City of York Council projects. Highlight reports are produced throughout the project lifecycle, they provide the board (and other...

Planning Applications Decisions - Major and Minor Developments, England, District by Outcome

Planning applications decided by district level planning authority and outcome. District level planning is undertaken by metropolitan and non-metropolitan districts, unitary authorities, national...