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Light Rail Statistics

This release presents statistics on the income/expenditure of light rail operators. Source agency: Transport Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Public...

Rail stakeholder database

Names and addresses of approx 1400 bodies connected with the rail industry.

Timetabled Train Kilometres

Timetabled train kilometres (TTKM) show the number of kilometres each train operating company will achieve according to the winter and summer train timetable if they are operating at full...


Public performance measure (PPM) measures the number of trains reaching their final destination 'on time'. On time is defined as within five minutes for regional and London and South East trains,...

Working timetable

All movements on the rail network including freight trains, empty trains and those coming in and out of depots

Tram/Light rail networks

Tram/Light rail networks This data is held by the transport operators

Rail passenger numbers and crowding

Annual statistics on rail passenger numbers and crowding on weekdays. Source agency: Transport Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Rail passenger numbers and...

Light Rail and Tram Statistics

Publication presenting statistics on light rail and trams. Source agency: Transport Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Light Rail and Tram Statistics

Rail Technical Contract Information

Contract information (e.g. employment of consultants/contractors, temps and other non-permanent staff) in support of DfT's rail research programme.

Rail freight forecasts for 2019

Rail freight forecasts for 2019. Data collection ceased.

Rail passenger count data

Rail Analysis. Train operators collect passenger count data on periodic cycles (at least biannually), to facilitate capacity planning and rolling stock allocation within individual Train Operating...

Rail Technical tender documents

Tender documents, in particular, those for research projects

Rail Commercial Emergency Manual

Emergency Manual for Rail Commercial

National Rail Travel Survey

Report on a survey of passenger trips on the national rail system in Great Britain on weekdays, outside school holidays. Source agency: Transport Designation: Official Statistics not designated...

Rail Stations

Point layer recording the site of the National rail stations serving the City including those outside the City boundary. This dataset was created to make mapping of these features easier. • Name –...

National Rail Travel Survey (NRTS)

Rail Service Analysis (RSA). The National Rail Travel Survey (NRTS) collected data on a sample of rail journeys. Data items include origin & destination addresses, rail stations used, reason...

RSA: Channel Tunnel rail statistics

Statistics on channel tunnel rail passengers and freight

High Speed Rail consultation (electronic)

Responses received to the 2011 High Speed Rail consultation (web, e-mail, scanned version of hard copy responses). Dataset contain personal information including name, address, postcode, email...

National Rail Trends (NRT) data

Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) supply privileged pre-release access to statistics for National Rail trends (NRT) publications

Historical rail passenger demand data

Rail Service Analysis - Historic Rail Passenger Demand Data derived from LENNON/CAPRI